Vintage Glassware Bohemian Style

Vintage glass for bohemian style home decor

Vintage glass for bohemian style home decor

If you’re looking for vintage glassware with an eye to creating an awesome bohemian style collection, there are some really cool and funky patterns out there.

I’ve seen several of them in my travels, and enjoy rescuing them from the abyss to come home with me. (Glass that doesn’t sell eventually gets smashed in a barrel for recycling, in the thrift store world.)

Patterns like these are too cool not to bring home to use and enjoy!

Four Glassware Patterns for Vintage Bohemian Decor

Franciscan Madeira glass plum

Madeira by Franciscan

This time in glass, vs china. Like the dinnerware, the glassware version of this pattern is 1970s funky and chunky. It was made in several colors, including plum, violet, yellow, blue, green, brown, pink, red and orange. They can go with the vintage Franciscan dinnerware pattern of the same name, or not, as you wish.

Vintage glass Soreno green Anchor Hocking

Soreno by Anchor Hocking

This pattern is 1970s retro all the way! The texture on this pattern reminds me of bark. It was made in clear glass, and colors, including green, turquoise, golden amber, aquamarine and iridescent, a “carnival” finish on clear pieces.

I've been collecting the green Soreno glass for quite a while.

Indiana glass Luau vintage

Luau by Indiana Glass

This pattern is a dramatic occasional ware, for serving salad or snacks, like party mix, for a crowd. There are also punch bowls and glasses in this pattern. This striking glassware was made in several colors, including green, yellow and amberina. When you see it, it will catch your eye!

Vintage Indiana Glass is collectible for a lot of reasons.

Vintage glass Libbey retro

Impromptu by Libbey

These pieces are not marked. If you find candidates, check the telltale flare at the base of the bowl. These were made in a very 1970s smoky brown. There’s a similar pattern called Accent, also by Libbey, in lighter colored glass.

One of the best things about retro Libbey glass is that there are a lot of pieces types and quantity out there to be found.

Challenges of Buying Vintage Glassware

I have a few tips to keep in mind, especially if you’re planning to use your vintage finds:

  • Assume all glassware has a chip or crack, until proved otherwise. My fingers are best for evaluating a potential purchase, but be careful. Avoiding cuts is the reason for this kind of inspection.
  • Look for a foggy, dull surface, which I call dishwasher haze. This will disappear when the piece is wet, and return when it dries. It comes from washing vintage glass in the dishwasher, and/or using detergents that contain lemon. If you’re going to use these pieces and keep them shiny and pristine, plan on hand washing.
  • Learn the patterns, because you won’t be able to rely on marks. Most of the glassware you find out there in the secondary markets won’t have marks, stickers or boxes. If they do, then that’s wonderful. One big reason that glass doesn’t sell as well as it could (and that it’s still there when you come along) is because it’s challenging to identify the makers and patterns.
  • Look up when shopping in the thrift store for glass! A lot of wonderful pieces are placed on the top shelf to keep them out of harm’s way from little fingers.

Most of all, enjoy the hunt. Smart phones make it easier to keep track of your collection, and to identify what your found. I go with my gut and my eye. If you like it, it will suit your style and add something to the vintage glassware collection you’re building.

Lots to love in the world of vintage glassware!

More about vintage china patterns for bohemian style in my prior post.

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