Vintage Corelle Dinnerware Old Friend

Meadow by Corelle vintage dishes


I’m reaching for my Meadow pattern by Corelle most often these days, when I go to my dish cabinet and pull out a vintage dish to use.

It’s a pretty spring pattern with pastel colors and bright green details. It was one of the early Corelle patterns in the 1970s, and it was my first dinnerware when I lived on my own back in the day.

Meadow by Corelle vintage dishes

Old meets new over and over when I treat myself to a snack using this dinnerware. Another example, when I used a Meadow plate to serve myself a saucy McRib.

A Pastel Meadow in Soft Colors

These days, I think it’s the combination of sweet colors and old memories that bring me back to using this dinnerware. My collection is pretty sparse, but I have enough piece types to have a dinner plate or salad plate to use. Also cups and saucers, and a creamer and sugar, for a cup of tea or coffee.

The Meadow pattern was made for about 10 years, and there were a lot of piece types made to coordinate with the dinnerware, such as glassware and bakeware.

I might have a piece or two of the plain glassware I used with it back then, in green to complement the bands on the dishes.

These dishes were sold in any department store that sold kitchenware. Now they are still out there in online markets and secondhand stores, as well as garage and estate sales.

Corelle Meadow motif detail

These dishes and glasses are on my permanent shopping list. Winter is a great time to get out and about, looking for the vintage pieces I want to add to my collection.

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