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Thanksgiving is Coming – Tiara Honey Box

Time to bring out the Thanksgiving dishes, like vintage amber glassware.

Tiara glass honey box IndianaThis Tiara amber honey box is from the 1970s, when Harvest Gold was a popular fashion color, in glassware, cookware and even appliances.

In a modern table setting, the warm color complements more contemporary dinnerware patterns.

And we love the bee motif, too.

One or a few pieces can add to your centerpiece or buffet decoration, for Thanksgiving or other winter holidays.

Finding Tiara

These Tiara glass serving pieces are not terribly common, but if you shop year round for your vintage dinnerware and glassware, they are available in thrift shops and secondary marketplaces. Online, this glass is always available, though some piece types or colors are scarce.

As with all vintage glassware, watch for chips and cracks when you buy.

The comb honey that fits into this honey box is also harder to find. We have good farmer’s markets around here, as well as honey producers and specialty grocers – all sources to shop when we want our honey in the comb.

Or, the honey box also serves as a charming candy dish if you prefer.

Our honey server was part of the Tiara line, made by Indiana Glass. It was made in quite a few colors, including amber gold, milk white, black, blue, clear and others.

Tiara glassware was sold through home parties, from 1970 until 2000. It has a devoted group of collectors.

When I find Tiara in my travels, the quality makes a good first impression, even if the original foil stickers are gone (they usually are). In particular, look for these honey boxes, and pieces in the Ponderosa Pine pattern.

As for this golden amber honey box, what a centerpiece for Thanksgiving, and other winter holidays at home!


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2 comments to Thanksgiving is Coming – Tiara Honey Box

  • Jackie DiGiovanni

    What a wonderful addition to the traditions of the holidays. You will remember the thrill of the search and finding the dish. Your family will remember seeing a favorite serving piece on the table.

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