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Saucy saucemaker by Corning Ware

Quite likely, everyone I know grew up with Corning Ware cookware and bakeware in the Cornflower Blue pattern.

Vintage Pyrex cookware

Cornflower Blue

Cornflower Blue is so associated with the company that as soon as you see it, you think “Corning Ware.”

Cornflower Blue vintage Corning cookware

The sauce maker, though, is less common. These were sold in the 1960s and 1970s, with and without glass covers.

I’d use this for warming spaghetti sauce, or making Welsh Rarebit, which starts with a basic white sauce, then gets milk, cheese and tomato juice. The spouts on this pot would make it easy to pour the contents over spaghetti noodles or saltine crackers, for the rarebit.

This one’s a retro cookware classic…

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14 comments to Saucy saucemaker by Corning Ware

  • scott

    I have sauce maker with handle attached. How do i release handle?

  • Kimbesa

    On the underside of the ceramic nub of a handle, along the outside bottom edge, there’s an extra quarter inch or so of ceramic sticking down.

    This is where the handles I’ve seen get their leverage to attach to the pot section. You should be able to gently pull up on the handle to disengage this, and then the handle will become loose from the ceramic.

    I’m not aware of any other types of handles for the Saucemakers, but if anyone else knows of some, please let us know!

  • Lori

    I happen to have this very sauce maker, however I do not have the detachable handle. Would you know where I might find one?

  • Kimbesa

    These are tough to come by, because many people don’t know what they are. I have seen them in thrift shops and snapped them up, but don’t have any “loose” ones right now.

    You could check online marketplaces like eBay. They have a Want It Now area where you could also post for one. Or, check Replacements and see if they have it. I’d look under the Corning Cornflower Blue section.

    Happy hunting!

  • Olivia V. Noiseux

    I have a set for eight (8) corelle and I need four (4) breakfast plates (middle size) but I am having a problem finding them and I don’t have the name of the patteron which I thought might be on the plate which it is not. I’ll do my best to decribe it to you. (don’t laugh !) the background is beige with a brown/blue round circle around the edge. Around the flat middle part it has orange peaches with red and black berries and green leaves. How did I do ?
    Can you help me find 4 more plates that I am looking for.
    Thank you very much I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

  • Kimbesa

    Hello Olivia,

    I’m smiling because I did recognize the pattern just by your written description. Guess that means some of my Corelle and Corning research time is paying off!

    It’s called Abundance.

    This pattern was introduced about 1990 and is currently available in the new and used marketplaces.

    If you check out my eBay store (click on logo for Kimbesa’s Closet near the top of the left side column) and search, you’ll see coasters that were made.

    In some photos the background can look very light, but when you’re looking for this pattern, the background should be described as almond or beige to go with your set.

    I see that Replacements has some of this ware in stock, and I’m sure if you do a web search, you can come up with more options.

    A charming Corelle pattern… happy hunting as you build up your set!

  • I have an all-white 1-qt Saucemaker with a ceramic handle – it’s molded into the piece, not detachable. Mine has a clear glass lid that used to be perfect, till I dropped it. It still fits but has chips, and I’d love to find another. Hard to find one of the little Saucemaker pots, even harder to find a lid! Any suggestions?

  • Kimbesa

    Hello Jenny,

    Two options. First, you may be able to have the chips polished down by someone who has the right equipment.

    I would find such a person at my local Depression glass collection club.

    Second, to find a replacement, it will take searching. Many people would not know what this top is, in order to list it online. But you could put a Want It Now on eBay. And get around to many garage sales, etc. You never know what you’ll find when you put your mind to it!

  • So kind of you to answer, thank you! I found one on eBay, but at $25+ just for a lid, I think I’ll pass. 🙂

  • Kimbesa

    More than $25 for a top…ouch!

    Replacements dot com may have one, though that may have been their listing on eBay. I have purchased from them, and the first quality items have been pristine, but still not always within budget.

    Everything is out there if you visit enough places in the secondary marketplace. I’d take note of the part numbers probably molded into the edges of the top, and keep at it.

    Good hunting!

  • Michele

    I recently bought a Corning handle on eBay that was advertised to work on petite pans. Well, it was clearly the wrong size for that, so I did some research. The handle I go is the “twist” end and works on at least some of the saucemakers. (I cannot say for sure on all of them because I have learned not to jump to conclusions when it comes to Corning Ware!) I bought a Corning saucemaker and it fits perfectly. You just loose the twist at the end and attach it to the handle, then twist the end closed. This is what my P-10-HG Corning handle looks like. (They are in abundance because apparently Corning made more than anyone ever would use!)

    • kimbesa

      Hello Michele,
      I’m not familiar with the handle you have, but it doesn’t surprise me. Maybe I’ll find one in my travels.
      (I think photos are not postable as a security measure, lest some errant code tag along.)
      Thanks for visiting!

  • Cherry Thomas

    Looking for the glass lid to the cornflower blue sauce maker. It was my grandmother’s and I treasure it. I recently broke the lid and really want to replace it if anyone has just the lid, let me know. Thanks

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