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Rare Tiara Decanter in Blue – Estate Find

Tiara glass blue decanter vintage

We were out and about last week, and found this classy glass decanter and matching tray in the Bicentennial Blue color, Sandwich pattern, by Tiara.

Tiara was sold at home parties, and made by Indiana Glass in Dunkirk, Indiana. One of its most extensively made patterns was No. 170, called Sandwich or Early American.

This pattern harkens back to the early glass makers in Sandwich, Mass. The pattern has stylized flowers and swirls and is quite charming. The Tiara ware is properly called Sandwich Pattern, vs. Sandwich Glass, for the glassware made by companies in and around Sandwich, Mass.

This decanter and tray are in the Bicentennial Blue color, which was only made in 1976. It was sold as a set, along with eight small wine or cordial glasses.

Tiara also made the Sandwich pattern in ruby, amber, crystal, Chantilly green, peach, plum and spruce, beginning in 1970 up to 1998. Various colors were made during different times during that period. Anchor Hocking, Westmoreland and other makers made variations of this pattern as well.

Using Your Vintage Tiara Glass

Glassware in the Bicentennial Blue glass will go well with many blue patterns of china in your table setting, as well as floral patterns. Sandwich pattern glassware will also work with traditional Early American china patterns like Yorktowne or Folk Art by Pfaltzgraff.

We recommend hand washing this ware, to keep it shiny and bright for many years to come.

Read more about Sandwich glass in this Collector's Corner article, published by AuctionBytes.

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6 comments to Rare Tiara Decanter in Blue – Estate Find

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  • Kimbesa

    Must get some more strawberries!

    They are so good in season. Reminds me of years ago, when you could only get them at certain times of the year.

    And, making strawberry jam was popular, to be able to enjoy that fresh flavor in off-season times of the year.


    I have a comlpete set of tiara amber dinnerware and i got the intention to sell it but i dont know how much i should ask

  • Kimbesa

    Sorry, we’re not equipped to do appraisals. The amber is unlikely to be as popular or sought-after as the blue.

    You could do some online research via eBay (completed listings in the Advanced Search area) to get an idea of what the amber pieces have sold for.

    Good luck with it!

  • mrs beutler

    so i have come across some tiara sandwich pattern stoneware….its a coffee pot with six small glasses
    have you heard of any tiara pottery/stoneware/ceramic….i have plenty of info on the glass ware.. but cant find any info on the stoneware… any suggestions on where to look?

  • Kimbesa

    You could look on Replacements dot com and see if you can a starting point there with any stoneware that might have been made or sold by Tiara.

    I’ve only ever seen the glassware.

    Perhaps they licensed the making of pieces in ceramics to match the glassware to other producers, similar to what Corning did with ceramic pieces to coordinate with some of the Corelle patterns.

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