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Polaris Vintage Syracuse China

Syracuse china Polaris vintage dinnerware
Hard to believe it's been so long since my last post, but it has been a busy shopping season. You could almost feel the pent-up garage sales.... waiting for the snow to go and nice weather to arrive.

One of the best things we found in our travels so far (and the summer's not over yet) was a set of beautiful vintage china by Syracuse, from the 1960s-1970s.

The Polaris pattern has elegant platinum stars and rims, on a creamy white background. Many people associate Syracuse with restaurant, hotel and railroad wares. Polaris is one of the fine china patterns Syracuse made, in the days before major changes in the company that occurred around 1971.

We can never get enough of classic, American china like this...

Polaris pattern Syracuse china gravy boat

If you're looking for something of the late mid-century era, Polaris is one of those beautiful dinnerware patterns for you to consider.

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6 comments to Polaris Vintage Syracuse China

  • BOB

    I have an 8 place setting of Polaris with several serving pieces. What is it worth?

    • Kimbesa

      We’re not set up to do appraisals, but you can look at the Replacements dot com website and get an idea of a retail price for dishes in top notch condition. Hope this helps!

      • Carole

        I have 10 5-piece place settings plus 3 bowls , 2 platters & 5 other accompanying pieces, but no one is interested. What’s up if it is so great?

        • kimbesa

          Hello Carole,

          I can only think that those who are into Mid-Century Modern and/or Mad Men era style have not yet found your offerings of these pieces.

          Polaris by Syracuse is wonderful china from both a design and manufacturing style. (Surely they don’t expect to put good vintage dinnerware in the dishwasher…)

          I hope you connect with the right dish lovers soon, to give this dinnerware its next appreciative home!

  • kimbesa

    Hello Lynn,

    I sold almost all of my Polaris a few years ago. I’d found it in Ohio at a secondhand shop. If I was looking for one today, I’d check out all the online avenues (such as Replacements, eBay and similar sources). It’s most likely that you will have to work them all to create a full set, but you could find one at an estate sale.

    If the set is complete, in excellent condition, be prepared to pay a premium. It is a wonderful dinnerware pattern!

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