One of a Kind Dinnerware Find | Table Setting Inspiration

Oneida china Strawberry PlaidOne of a kind dinnerware pieces can inspire an entire table setting theme, or even a whole room’s decor. If you love it, there will be ways to fit that piece into your china collection, to use and joy the unique piece.

Scouting last week, I found a darling china dinner plate in the Strawberry Plaid pattern by Oneida. Just one.

A plate like this presents lots of possibilities for use as part of an eclectic table setting, and can even become the focal point, as well as a favorite.

  • Color: There are lots of colors to pick and choose from, including the rosy reds in the strawberries, purples and peach in grapes and flowers, olive and hunter greens in the plaid rim.
  • Motif: Fruit is always popular, and strawberries on plates are almost as tasty as they are in person. You can make a table setting from mixing and matching dinnerware patterns that feature fruits in general, or strawberries in particular. There are lots of patterns to choose from.
  • Rendition: Handpainted dishes have extra charm supplied by the human touch. No two are exactly alike, as they would be if they were decorated with transfers. The detail section of the photo shows some of the brush work. It’s the color glaze that’s hand applied, after the background color.

Let One of a Kind Dinnerware Stand Out in Your Table Setting

Put a special china piece to work, whether it’s used for the original purpose – like this dinner plate – or imagine how it could be used for an alternative purpose, and shine in a table setting as a result.

  • This plate might become my special brownie serving plate. Or use for cookies, or muffins. I can see any kind of baked goods on this plate.
  • In the summer especially, I can see putting a simple, clear bowl on this plate, and using it to serve fresh strawberries.
  • Since the colors go well for a fall table setting plan, at this time of year I could use the plate to serve fresh grapes in bunches. Or get a glass dome and use this plate to serve cheese at a wine tasting.

I have a soft spot for the one of a kind dinnerware that I find in my travels. These pieces tend to stand out on the shelf, because there is only one. They stimulate my table setting ideas. When you paint with dishes, color outside the lines!


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