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Noritake Buttercup Features Big Vintage Color

Vintage Noritake china Buttercup

Buttercups are bold? They are when they are featured on dinnerware from the vintage Craftone line by Noritake. Many of the patterns in this product line are decorated with big, dramatic flowers.

Many dinnerware patterns from the 1970s have something bold about them. Many of those are classic retro in shape or color, like another Noritake product line Primastone, which is made in stoneware. These pieces have chunky handles and rich glaze colors.

Craftone is a lighter china with a glassy, shiny glaze. Most patterns in this line were produced in the mid to late 1970s. These are the vivid and striking motifs, whether through a floral design, or stripes. Another round of patterns from the mid 1980s have designs that are more petite and charming.

Either way, this dinnerware is another way for you to bring your creative table setting ideas to life.

Buttercups in the plant world are related to anemones, clematis and delphiniums.

When you mix and match your dinnerware, this pattern goes well as a complement to other floral wares, especially when used as a focal point. It can mix with color schemes that feature yellow, yellow and white, or blue and white. Your imagination is the only limit.

Some of the other patterns in the Craftone line: Trees, Joy, Whimsy, Cheer, Flower Power, Medley, Potpourri, Midsummer, Ragtime, Surf Blue, Picnic, Sunflower, Mahogany, Dominique and Claudette.

Other vintage Noritake china lines include Progression and Cook n'Serve.

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4 comments to Noritake Buttercup Features Big Vintage Color

  • vivienne

    Can I still get this buttercup pattern Noritake dinner set.?

    • kimbesa

      Hello Vivienne!

      Sorry, this is discontinued dinnerware. Your best sources would be estate sales, secondhand stores or online venues where sellers offer what they have found in their areas.

      It is beautiful dinnerware!

  • Maria F. Buhain

    I just need the serving tray and the bowl. Pls tell me where I can buy this to complete my setting. Got so excited to see the pics of it. Thank you so much.

    • kimbesa

      Hello, Maria!

      A site like Replacements dot com will have a selection of many vintage dinnerware patterns, where you can buy individual pieces when they have them in stock. They also have a search service.

      I hope you find those last few pieces for your wonderful china dinnerware!

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