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Heisey Orchid – A Flower Lover’s Favorite Glass

Heisey glass Orchid pattern

Our four-part series on the table setting contest winners from the recent Great Lakes Depression Glass Club show continues.

Second prize went to a table setting using the Orchid pattern by club member Margie Laski, who loves orchids and is president of the Michigan Orchid Society. Her table setting was displayed as part of the club's educational exhibit at the show.

The Orchid pattern by Heisey features a detailed, etched floral motif with a prominent orchid.

A. H. Heisey & Co. was a glass maker located in Newark, Ohio for many years. Most of the pieces are marked with an H inside a diamond, and this mark is easy to identify once you become familiar with it.

Like other best quality glass, it is very clear, delicate, thin sides to pieces like wine glasses, and polished edges and mold lines.

The Heisey company closed in 1957. There is a Heisey Museum in its hometown in Ohio, which is a great place to visit, and learn more about this beautiful glass.

Heisey Depression glassware

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4 comments to Heisey Orchid – A Flower Lover’s Favorite Glass

  • Jenn

    I have a large collection (about 30 pieces) of glassware similar to this Heisey piece, except the stems are pressed. The etched design is of small bunches of flowers attached to long stems with leaves. The glassware was collected by my grandmother in the late 50’s-early 60’s. She lived in Buffalo. How can I figure out what sort of glassware I have and whether it is at all valuable?


  • Kimbesa

    Hello Jenn,

    There are whole books devoted to Heisey. This glass is considered “elegant glass,” and a search on this and Heisey will bring up some examples.

    There is also a Heisey museum in Ohio, which has a website (link in the post).

    These sources could help you identify the pattern. Also, you could look for a local glass society, such as the one mentioned in the post, and see if they have any meetings or shows. The Great Lakes society, local to me, has been very helpful.

    Most recent price information would be in a price guide book or professional appraisal. From what I’ve seen, prices for all types of vintage glassware are not what they used to be. Much of the value is in the family history and sentimental value these days.

    Good luck with your beautiful glass!

  • Margie Laski

    Hi Kendra,
    I was informed that my Heisey Orchid place setting was on your website. It looks just beautiful. Thank you for sharing with other glass lovers. Look me up at our upcoming show which will be held on May 21st & 22nd this year. Our show is really quite spectacular so do plan on attending.

  • Kimbesa

    Thanks for letting me know that the show will be in May this year. Wouldn’t miss it!

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