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Father’s Day table setting – use vintage china

Fishing lures on china

Fishing lures on china

Can you really use your vintage china -- or find vintage china -- for a special Father's Day dinner? Oh yes, you can! There's still time to tweak your table setting for Father's Day, coming the third Sunday in June.
Fathers don't usually have the same interest in dishes that mothers do. Even so, adding some vintage charm to your table setting can make your dad's special day even more special, impress your family and friends with a table setting that is creative and show off carefully-chosen china to delightful effect.

  • Feature Dad's favorite past time - such as fishing, golf, hunting or tractors. There are china patterns that feature these design elements that can spark a conversation at dinner.
  • Pick his favorite color - such as blue, green or brown - and build the table setting around that theme. Bold colors mix well with white china and complementary serving pieces. White will soften the overall effect, and let the colors stand out.
  • Garden loving Dads will like a table set with china that features bird houses, gardening and garden ornaments. Highlight dinnerware with these motifs by using cloth garden gloves, reflector balls or bird items on the table or in a centerpiece.
  • Some green thumb Dads grow orchids, dahlias, roses or other special flowers. Include china pieces that feature these elements and he'll be sure to notice, and know you cared enough to highlight his passion.
  • If Dad has a special collection, the table setting can speak to this interest. Perhaps its cars, trains, the farm or a Western cattle ranch. Dinnerware patterns that feature these patterns will make a fun table setting for his special day.
  • Add bright accents in glassware that accentuate the theme, such as ruby red goblets for red flowers, a set of cobalt blue creamer and sugar for blue ones. Or green for a garden theme.

There's still time to get your creative juices flowing. Start with the dishes you have and carefully add selected pieces to make Father's Day special with a table setting that everyone will enjoy.
And, you'll be ready to apply your new ideas for mix and match dinnerware for special occasions all year round.

Father's day china ideas

Father's day china ideas

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