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Welcome Spring With Vintage Noritake China

Noritake stoneware in the Hello Spring patternHello Spring is the name of a vintage Noritake dinnerware pattern, from the 1970s. It’s funky and chunky, representative of the full-on design sensibility of that era. We call it retro these days.

The yellow flower especially makes me feel happy. I also enjoy the handcrafted feel of the stoneware, along with the big, orange tulip and purple accent flower.

This kind of dinnerware is heavy, but it will give grounding to any table setting build around its weight and color scheme. Bold pieces hold their own in any style, or in an eclectic and creative combo.

Hello Spring pieces are out there in secondary marketplaces to find, even though this pattern was only made for about five years.

When you’re shopping your favorite places, the chunky handles, and overall heft of the ware, often stand out among the rest of the dinnerware on the shelves.

And if you grew up in the 70s, the shapes and colors just scream “retro,” and can bring back all the memories you may have from that time.

You can mix this dinnerware with other stoneware patterns, especially those that have the substantial look and feel of the potter’s art. Yes, they are factory made, but fit in well with handmade pottery and table linens.

Want to go rustic? Hello Spring china could be the start of your new collection.

Other Noritake stoneware patterns in this line and time period include Orinda, Lily, Providence, Winterrose, Rapture, and Bliss.

Noritake’s Primastone line is also from the 1970s, and also made of stoneware. The pieces in this product line have a similar shape, but they are a bit more refined in style and motif. Patterns include Pleasure, Desert Flowers, Rapport, Fjord, Running Free and Winsome.

Can a table setting that uses dishes with names like Hello Spring, or another dinnerware set where yellow is a focal point of the color palette, hurry away the snow? That's an open question.

One thing I know for sure, I’m looking forward to warmer days, green grass and bright flowers.

A cheery table setting with a dinnerware pattern that says “spring” can be a start.

In the photo: Noritake dinnerware in the Hello Spring pattern, sugar bowl, creamer and salad plates.


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2 comments to Welcome Spring With Vintage Noritake China

  • Vickie James-Munford

    I recently picked up a 5 piece 4 place setting set of Noritake Craftone dishes in the Buttercup pattern #8769. I instantly fell in love with this design. The feel of spring and ornate details in the pattern convinced me I had a real find. I was ecstatic when I picked up the last cup I was searching for to complete the set. I even found (1) matching serving bowl. None of the pieces looked like they had been used much, but of course the quality of Noritake could account for that. As you have guessed I’m a fan of Noritaki china. Even though not familiar with this pattern and when it was produced I knew I had an excellant find. In reading your website I can’t believe these date back to mid to late seventies. I was so hoping to find a serving platter or sugar/creamer to match.
    In your opinion what value would you place on each complete place setting? I have to be ready for my husband’s remarks as to why I bought them.
    Vickie James-Munford

    • kimbesa

      Hello Vickie!
      I’m excited just reading about your beautiful find! Buttercup is a gorgeous vintage Noritake china pattern.
      As for the value of this dinnerware, I’d recommend the site Replacements dot com. You could work out an insurance value based on those retail listings. And it looks like you can pick up some extra pieces, too, as you wish.
      I can imagine the wonderful table settings that you could create with this. Yellow and white, or using dishes and/or glassware in green or blue.

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