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Vintage Pyrex Flameware Double Boiler

Vintage Pyrex glass double boilerThis vintage beauty is a 1.5 quart Pyrex glass Flameware double boiler. We found it on separate shelves in our travels, and remarried them!

Too bad they’re not making these anymore. Most of the new double boilers in today’s marketplace are stainless.

You can set up a double boiler with two pots (one somewhat smaller than the other) if you don’t have one.

Why use a double boiler? Certain types of delicate foods and saucers are easier to handle when cooked in the inner pot. The outer pot has water, which you’re simmering. The temperature cannot go higher than 212 degrees, the boiling point of water.

A double boilers cook with even heat and control. It prevents curdling and crusts, which can form on custards and puddings.

Top 5 Foods to Cook in Your Double Boiler

  • Melting Chocolate
  • Custard
  • Cheesecake filling
  • Puddings (including certain bread pudding recipes)
  • Egg-based sauces like hollandaise or béarnaise

You can also use a double boiler to melt paraffin, to seal the jars of jam you’re making from summer fruits. We wouldn’t use a vintage item for that, but would improvise something that can remain dedicated to this purpose. Once it’s used for wax, you cannot use it directly for food.

We’ll get into jam in a future post…because the strawberries that are coming into the produce markets are looking pretty good right now…

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8 comments to Vintage Pyrex Flameware Double Boiler

  • Dianne

    Looking to buy a Pyrex Flameware glass double boiler—need help.

  • Kimbesa

    We’ve sold a few of these, but they haven’t come our way very often. You might want to post a Want It Now on eBay, or search Google and see if you can find one on Bonanzle or TIAS.

    Happy hunting!

  • LindaJan

    Thanks for your post, I bought this y-day at a thrift shop in Salt Lake City, and was looking for the “other lid”. Now I know it only has one, being a double boiler and I have a sweet little treasure!

  • Kimbesa

    Yes, you did get a treasure! Congratulations!

    I’ve found these all together, and in separate components (when apparently the vendor didn’t know what a double boiler was).

    They are great to decorate — and use — in your vintage, retro, cottage kitchen…or any kitchen!

    We always look for Pyrex Flameware in our travels…

  • Teri Fishbein

    My boyfriend loves to cook and requested one of these for christmas. How do I get one. ANY size will do. Thank you

    • kimbesa

      I’d go with Replacements dot com, or eBay. It might take a while to find one that’s in the condition and price range you’re looking for, but they are out there to be found.

  • Bonnie Mcquaide

    How can I perchase this double boiler??

    • kimbesa

      I’d send you to secondary marketplaces such as eBay and Replacements dot com. Or visiting thrift stores and estate sales, if you have lots of time and enjoy the thrill of the hunt!

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