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Vintage Glass Retro Style | Soreno Green

Soreno vintage glass snack sets

Green glassware can mix and match with lots of different tableware patterns, both glass and china. Vintage glass in the Soreno Green pattern by Anchor Hocking was created in the late 1960s and has classic retro style that is still relevant to today’s table settings.

This pattern was made in multiple colors, in addition to the avocado or olive green. These include clear glass, clear iridescent, aquamarine and amber gold. These colors can mix with each other as well.

Soreno piece types Vintage glassware

The line also included a number of piece types. Standard drinking glassware such as tumblers, juice and old fashioned shapes and sizes. Then there were the dinnerware pieces, plates, bowls, snack sets – as well as the serving pieces, bowls, salt and pepper shakers and butter dish.

Vintage glass Soreno bowl homemade salad

I've used the salad serving bowl for my Broccoli Salad. It's just the right size and looks great on the table, summer or winter.

The green and gold are the most common in the secondary marketplace, but I’ve seen them all Watch for nicks that can easily hide in the bark textured sides, and a milky haze from multiple trips through the dishwasher.


Soreno glass Missoni for Target











Soreno by Anchor Hocking will give your table setting some classic retro style. And, it can mix with some of the latest finds, like Missoni by Target. Stop back for more posts on that subject…


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4 comments to Vintage Glass Retro Style | Soreno Green

  • Faith Yngsdahl (Minnesota)

    I was so happy to find your site to at lease identify what I may have in the green and amber. Sis just died and the sets are in her things. Don’t really know what to do with it all but at least I may know what it is. Thanks.

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  • Troy

    What would the value of this green glass ware be worth, anchor hocking

    • kimbesa

      Hello Troy,

      That is a question with an uncertain answer. Like all vintage wares, ultimately they are worth what a buyer is willing to pay. Yet, you can get some guidance by seeing the prices that other sellers have listed your glassware for at online venues such as Replacements and eBay.

      Please note, the condition will need to be perfect in order to get the best price. No chips, cracks or “dishwasher haze” from the piece(s) having been washed in the dishwasher, or harsh detergents. Modern wares stand up to these better than many vintage items, though with time, any of them will show the effects.

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