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Vintage China in Pastels – Bring Spring

I just cannot resist those trays of Danish sweet rolls at Costco. And what better way to serve them in sweet, small bites than some vintage dessert plates?

vintage Franciscan china Maytime

In this case, the plates are in the Maytime pattern by Franciscan.

This is an uncommon pattern, from the 1960s, during the period when Gladding McBean produced Franciscan in the USA. Retro style and pretty colors. What’s not to like?

Why Pastels?

  • Just some of the reasons I can think of, why pastels remain popular:
  • Light color palette has an open, springy feel
  • Sweet colors complement and soften details of other color schemes, such as a red and white Valentine’s Day table setting theme (watch those pinks though)
  • Charming for a tea table or dessert and coffee party, based on almost any theme

Small plates like these (6 1/8” in diameter) are great for serving all kinds of small desserts and tidbits.

That’s one reason when I like to collect this kind of vintage china. Many of these older yet charming patterns work just fine to create an eclectic tea party table, and if you’re into dinnerware like I am, they are great as a conversation-starter, too!

vintage china Franciscan 1960s

Small pastel plates are great for Valentine’s, Easter, Mother’s Day, or anytime that charming floral and light-colored dinnerware will add to your table setting.

When you want to chase away the winter blues, just bring out the pastel dinnerware!


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4 comments to Vintage China in Pastels – Bring Spring

  • Jackie DiGiovanni

    Having pretty dishes that you use for special occasions is one of the nice things you can do for yourself. I love that you have many different patterns. I imagine your tables are always lovely.

  • kimbesa

    I do enjoy using my vintage collection! Sometimes it’s a tough choice, which pattern to use for a particular occasion.

  • Susie

    I have the exact pattern above in Franciscan. Maytime. A friend in Georgia gave me what was left of a pretty good size set that her mother-in-law had when she passed away. She’d had the set for a long, long time. Long enough to have some pieces missing. I have dinner plates, a few bread plates (or that is what I call them), cups, saucers, butter dish, creamer and sugar, serving dish, etc… I knew instantly they were old and I asked if she was sure they wanted me to have them and they said yes, they knew I loved to collect things like that and had no need for them. She is 12 years younger than me so not sure if they truly knew what they could be worth. When I looked them up back around 2009 I couldn’t find that much on them but I see a lot more now. I wonder what a set would be worth today in 2015, or where I could find that out. They are in perfect condition.

    • kimbesa

      Hello Susie!

      I’ve been chewing on your comment, and have a post planned to make a detailed reply. It will be published by Friday this week.

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