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Use your Corelle for serving summer snacks

I had Corelle dinnerware in the Meadow pattern when I first had my own place, in the 1970s. Those dishes have gone their own way many moves ago, but I still have a plate or two, to remind me of those heady days of living on my own.

Spelt cinnamon roll

Spelt cinnamon roll

Saturday I ate a special snack on the Meadow salad plate, a handmade cinnamon roll made with spelt flour. It came from one of my weekend trips...

This past weekend included a trip to the Oakland County Farmers Market, where I hadn't been, even though I've lived in this area a long time. There are other farm markets closer to home, but I wanted to check out the flour from Westwind Milling, a medium size miller processing local grains.

Westwind also has a bakery, and the spelt cinnamon rolls were easy to notice. Hard to keep from eating until I got one home to take its picture. It was yummy!

I got some pastry flour from Westwind, so I'll be testing that for pie crusts and other pastry treats as I continue baking this summer.

My trusty Corelle is ready for more.

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