The Woman’s Club Tea

In February or March each year, my local woman's club has a tea. The theme is Valentine's Day, Easter or Alice in Wonderland.

Really, it's an excuse for the members to get out their best dishes, invite their friends for an afternoon of conversation and treats.... and have some fun!

I confess. I'm a shameless dish flipper. I have to see who made them. I even flip the flatware.

I really enjoy the tea, and I like to come in the night before to savor the table settings at leisure.

The funky setting with the flamingo favors is my vintage Platinum Star Burst china by Creative, made in Japan. This is vintage 1950s-1960s china that a lot of our mothers and grandmothers had. Found a nearly complete service for 12 some years ago at an estate sale. Love those! And I liked the china because it was simple and modern. I like white or nearly white dishes for food.

The tea is a wonderful opportunity to be creative with dishes. Just like when you were a child, only with real, grown up china....

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