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I love dishes, and I continue to haunt thrift stores, estate sales, and other places where vintage china, dinnerware and glassware are to be found.

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Blueberries and Berkeley – Vintage Noritake

Vintage Noritake Berkeley pattern

Finishing off the last of this year’s luscious blueberry crop from Michigan farms. It has been a great year for this fruit. And, an excuse to get out a gorgeous bowl for the feast.

The Berkeley pattern by Noritake was made from the mid-1950s to around 1960.

I’ve only found a few pieces of Berkeley (spelled like the city in California, not the town in Michigan), and I keep this for special use. Not the kind of dinnerware to put in the dishwasher, or otherwise clean with harsh soap.

This is one of those patterns that’s the dinnerware equivalent . . . → Read More: Blueberries and Berkeley – Vintage Noritake

Vintage Noritake Meets Jell-O, Makes Retro Style

Vintage Noritake china Stephanie Marguerite Jello

When my sister visited recently from the UK, I made several of our old family favorite foods, including orange gelatin dessert. Some products that we take for granted here, like fruit flavored gelatin, are difficult to obtain in other countries.

And it’s the food that sometimes makes a place feel like home.

Of course, we had to get into the pretty dishes as well, and two vintage Noritake patterns came to mind as cute fruit bowls to serve this food.

Stephanie is a blue and white pattern in Noritake’s Progression line. To my mind, it is based on the . . . → Read More: Vintage Noritake Meets Jell-O, Makes Retro Style

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