Halloween colors in dishes and glassware

Halloween Dinnerware Colors | Poultrygeist Returns

When it comes to Halloween dinnerware colors, the selection is broader than you may think. The plan usually starts with traditional orange and black, of course. Pumpkins and bats — it wouldn’t be Halloween without them. In more recent years, purple and lime green have been added to the palette. Fall dinnerware colors in the […]

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Pasta Bowls Made for Casual Dinner

Large china pasta bowls are perfect to serve a big Saturday night spaghetti dinner. If not spaghetti, then mostacholli, ravioli, even macaroni and cheese. Any pasta dish that makes a meal by itself, or perhaps served along with a salad or crusty bread. Bowls like these were designed to hold a good-sized serving of your […]

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Vintage Mikasa serving bowl

Identifying Vintage Dinnerware Tips

When you want to get more of your favorite vintage dishes, but don’t know the pattern name, what to do? Identifying vintage dinnerware is one of the challenges of using vintage dishes. Whether you have new-to-you-dishes, or a family heirloom set, getting more of a pattern you cherish can be complicated when you don’t have […]

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Pebble Leaf dish and Cherry Thumbprint glass

Why Use Vintage Dinnerware

  I’ve been looking at lots of vintage dinnerware lately, most in connection with vintage weddings. Then a new cookie came on the market, and the contrast between old and new struck me. Why do people in modern times, this 21st century, want to use vintage dishes, glassware and other tableware? Why create a new […]

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Tremar Pottery Cider Mug | Vintage Cornwall

Tremar Pottery was made in Cornwall, and this cider mug is returning home! A kind customer clued me in about this distinctive vintage pottery and the name Tremar, because on this piece the impressed stamp was near the edge. It had lost its second “r” and read Trema. I looked at several websites that had […]

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Think Pink for a Stylish Table Setting

Pink dinnerware and glassware are in style for 2011 table settings. The color specialists at Pantone have chosen Honeysuckle Pink as Color of the Year for 2011, as part of provide their color consulting to industry. Vibrant pink: this is another color that has cycled in and out of fashion. This color designation is born […]

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Cheese and detail of dish Hacienda Gold Franciscan

Cinco de Mayo Dinnerware | Bright Summer Party Dishes

Cinco de Mayo is today, May 5, a time to party in Mexican style. Casual dinnerware goes with the festive atmosphere of Cinco de Mayo parties, complementary to the lively colors and simple goodness of the salsa, tortillas, enchiladas, Margaritas and other foods you might be serving. I selected a divided vegetable dish in the […]

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Tips to Mix and Match Your Snack Set Dishes

Combing the dish aisle, looking for vintage snack sets, it is very common to find the plates without cups, or perhaps without enough cups to have a complete matched set. Or the cups are too small to serve the coffee or tea that you want to have with your desserts. Yet you want to use […]

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Wedding table settings – vintage china makes memories

Weddings – in June or any other time – celebrate traditions important to family and friends. Vintage china, carefully selected to complement a wedding theme, can add meaning and beauty to your engagement party, rehearsal dinner or a wedding banquet. If the wedding will feature a big dinner, consider using vintage dinnerware on the head […]

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Even dishes are Irish

Like food, china and dinnerware can take you places, too. Take Noritake’s Keltcraft line, made in Ireland in the 1980s and 1990s. Soft, pale colors, as on this darling creamer, speak with charm about a vibrant land. Ireland in the spring is very green to us North Americans. In May and June it’s so green […]

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The Woman’s Club Tea

In February or March each year, my local woman’s club has a tea. The theme is Valentine’s Day, Easter or Alice in Wonderland. Really, it’s an excuse for the members to get out their best dishes, invite their friends for an afternoon of conversation and treats…. and have some fun! I confess. I’m a shameless […]

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