Tiara glass bowl serving cranberry sauce

Cranberries Served in Vintage Tiara Glass

One of our favorite holiday treats is cranberries served in vintage Tiara glass. A footed salad bowl like this is a good size, because it holds the right amount! And it’s stylish and well-made. I’ve played around with different cranberry recipes, but the dish I like to use to show it off on the dinner […]

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Retro china and stoneware

More Pleasure – Vintage Dish Shopping

Any time is a good time to shop for vintage dishes, and especially now, when there seems to be more and more available in secondhand marketplaces. Where I live, there are new stores that have opened, and the regular thrift shops are often stuffed to the max with vintage wares. I handle my shopping via […]

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Corningware snack bowl and plate

Grab a Snack in Vintage Style

Having an old-fashioned grilled cheese sandwich, or that favorite chicken noodle soup? Summer or winter, these foods are simple and easy, snacks you may remember from childhood. And if you are in a certain age bracket, you might remember the Grab It bowl or Snack It plate shown here. Velveeta cheese or Campbell’s soup: Do […]

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Anchor Glass 22K gold

Fire King Swirl – Vintage Classic

This white glass dinnerware with golden edges is my newest collection. I found several pieces within days of each other, in thrift shops in the area. Was it a sign? This Swirl pattern reminds me of days long ago, eating egg sandwiches around the kitchen table. I liked the pieces, and the memories. This dinnerware […]

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Vintage dinnerware favorite patterns

7 Vintage Dinnerware Favorites

How to make a list of only a few special patterns? This is a challenge. I decided to review prior posts that have gotten the most comments so far, over the 8+ years that I’ve been writing on Diary of a Dishie.   I enjoyed this review of favorite wares. It was like stopping by […]

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Glass party set Orchard Crystal

Grandma’s Party Dishes – Making Memories

  When my grandmother’s estate was settled, I got her party dishes. That was what we called them: three boxes of glassware snack sets, in an unknown pattern by Orchard Crystal, a total of 12 sets. The plain boxes, somewhat the worse for wear, did not attract anyone’s eye, but I knew what they were. […]

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shop for vintage dinnerware

Shop Vintage Dinnerware All Year Round

  My permanent shopping list makes shopping for vintage dishes easy. Shopping for vintage at the holiday season? Get organized to better enjoy the thrill of the hunt! I have favorite vintage dishes and glass items I’m always searching for. And I keep a small notebook that’s my “permanent shopping list” to keep track of […]

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Bohemian style vintage tableware

Vintage Tableware for Bohemian Style

Bohemian style features your collections and almost anything that you have an eye for. If you like it, and especially if you like to use it, just about any tableware or kitchen accessory, in many different kinds of materials, can be part of your eclectic stash for setting a bohemian style table. Some vintage tableware […]

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vintage china Franciscan 1960s

Vintage China in Pastels – Bring Spring

I just cannot resist those trays of Danish sweet rolls at Costco. And what better way to serve them in sweet, small bites than some vintage dessert plates?   In this case, the plates are in the Maytime pattern by Franciscan. This is an uncommon pattern, from the 1960s, during the period when Gladding McBean […]

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Pfaltzgraff Village vintage dinnerware

Vintage Pfaltzgraff Dinnerware New Old Friends

Old friends come in the form of vintage dinnerware, as well as people. They are the china and dishes that you remember from childhood, from grandma’s house, or those pieces and patterns that connect to happy memories from days gone by. Pfaltzgraff makes a number of patterns that have been made for more than 40 […]

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white dinnerware examples

Timeless White Dinnerware

The simple beauty of white dinnerware is classic. You cannot go wrong with a table setting based on this elegant color. Some tones are creamy, some are bright, but no matter the specific white shade, the impression is understated and refined. The differences in the white tones give texture to your table setting, when you […]

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