Vintage Noritake relish dish

Vintage Noritake… So Charming

The thrill of the hunt never seems to go away. And I found some beautiful vintage Noritake that I’d first noticed a few weeks ago. Since it was still around when I went back, it needed to come home with me. At least, temporarily. The relish dish caught my eye first, because relish dishes do, […]

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Set a Snazzy Table

One thing leads to another…saw an item from the Food Network about table setting this week… ….well, that link is gone but if you go to Food Network’s site and search under “table setting” you’ll see the current versions of table settings…. I think this vintage and new concept still has a lot to offer. […]

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The Woman’s Club Tea

In February or March each year, my local woman’s club has a tea. The theme is Valentine’s Day, Easter or Alice in Wonderland. Really, it’s an excuse for the members to get out their best dishes, invite their friends for an afternoon of conversation and treats…. and have some fun! I confess. I’m a shameless […]

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