Charming Vintage Bread Servers to Delight Your Guests

Once you start looking, there are lots of charming vintage bread servers to delight your guests in secondary marketplaces. I went shopping and found three in short order. When you go out, be sure to look at the bottom shelves at the secondhand store, where platters, chop plates and trays tend to collect. (If you’re […]

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oval ceramic dish handcrafted

Holiday Dinnerware On Your List?

I’ve been in the grocery store a lot lately, and seen ladies with their lists, checking off the items they need for their holiday party menus. (Sorry guys. I know some of you plan, too.) They are planning for the food they’ll serve for special days coming soon: Thanksgiving and Christmas among them. I wonder […]

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Bamboo handle server Johnson Bros china handcrafted

Complementing Vintage Dinnerware – Cherry Thieves

Cherry Thieves is a vintage Johnson Brothers china pattern from the late 1960s. It features birds and cherries, on stylized tree branches. A reader, Priya, wrote to me about this pattern, and I’ve been looking into it ever since.(Update: found!) Until I found this pattern, the closest I got was a similar Johnson Brothers pattern […]

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