Green glass honey dish by Tiara

Tiara Glass Honey Dish – Vintage Sweet

  Here’s a cool vintage find: a green glass honey dish by Tiara. This piece is studded on the outside with all kinds of bees and related motifs, such as the bee skeps on the sides. It is designed to serve honey in the comb, which was more common in grocery stores in past times […]

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Serving Thanksgiving Dinner | Repurpose Me

Are you making last minute preparations for upcoming Thanksgiving feast? Are you serving a big meal and found you need an extra, or different, serving piece? To solve this problem, you can often repurpose the china serving pieces that might be in the back of the cabinet, using what you have, to mix and match […]

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Repurpose Me: Your Chop Platter Is Practical

Remember those large round china plates that tend to end up at the back of your china cabinet? The ones that look like they’ve hardly ever been used, because they haven’t been? When I hear Chef Alton Brown talk about multi-taskers, this is the piece of vintage dinnerware I think of: the round platter or […]

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