Mikasa Desert Flower dinnerware

Mikasa Mediterrania Retro Classic

  Dinnerware that shouts Retro: china in the Mediterrania product line by Mikasa qualifies. Perhaps it even sets the standard. This salad plate in the Desert Flower pattern is a cheerful yellow, and bold. If you’re a fan of 1970s style, or mixing it up with a bohemian flair, this dinnerware is worth seeking out […]

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Noritake Buttercup Features Big Vintage Color

Buttercups are bold? They are when they are featured on dinnerware from the vintage Craftone line by Noritake. Many of the patterns in this product line are decorated with big, dramatic flowers. Many dinnerware patterns from the 1970s have something bold about them. Many of those are classic retro in shape or color, like another […]

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Vintage Noritake china Stephanie Marguerite Jello

Vintage Noritake Meets Jell-O, Makes Retro Style

When my sister visited recently from the UK, I made several of our old family favorite foods, including orange gelatin dessert. Some products that we take for granted here, like fruit flavored gelatin, are difficult to obtain in other countries. And it’s the food that sometimes makes a place feel like home. Of course, we […]

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