Back to school dishes

Best Vintage Dishes for Back to School

What vintage dishes would work well for a student going off to school? I was poking around a thrift store recently, in company of some folks who were looking to outfit a grandson for his first college apartment. They were shopping for cookware. Someone else had the dinnerware checklist. A lot of people are looking […]

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China Coffee Mugs | Java in Style

If you’re a coffee drinker, can you ever have too many china coffee mugs? I’m thinking about the stoneware kind, though there are lots of other kinds to use, to enjoy your cup of Joe. I like tea and coffee. It depends on the menu, and the situation. Yesterday was National Coffee Day, but who […]

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Mix and Match Dinnerware | Cheer Up A Rainy Day

We get lots of gloomy days in Michigan. One way to brighten them, mix and match dinnerware pieces from the cupboards. Playing with dishes is always fun… I started with the smaller plate, Marion by Meyer. This is vintage restaurant ware. In weight it’s close to stoneware. This service-ready china is very practical, and this […]

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Enjoy Maple Syrup on Pancakes and Serve in Style

Maple syrup is so good on pancakes, French toast and waffles. Once you’ve had real maple syrup, it’s hard to go back to ordinary syrup. Glass or plastic dispensers make it easy to serve your syrup at the dining table. You can also heat a glass container in a bowl of hot water if you […]

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Restaurant ware collection

Restaurant ware – a retro classic to collect

  You know the kind of local restaurant I’m talking about. Mom and Pop. Everybody knows your name. Not a cookie cutter, nor a cliché. A neighborhood one-of-a-kind. The orders are called out loud to the short order cooks, and the clatter of china is common. A waitress carrying three, four, or more full meals […]

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Paczki for Mardi Gras

Paczki (poonch-key) are a filled doughnut that’s very rich with butter and eggs. They’re traditional in the Polish community at Mardi Gras. Once Lent arrives, they go into yummy memory until next year. Prune is a traditional filling, but we can also get them with apple, raspberry, blueberry, lemon, cream cheese and my favorite, Bavarian […]

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Restaurant ware, vintage and modern

Remember the days of swivel bar stools covered in red Naugahyde, Dixie cups and burgers in a basket? That’s where restaurant wares take us, whether modern or vintage. Back to Happy Days… Syracuse China has been known for many years, for restaurant ware china in the vintage market, and for its modern cousins. Many people […]

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