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I love dishes, and I continue to haunt thrift stores, estate sales, and other places where vintage china, dinnerware and glassware are to be found.

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Holiday Dinnerware On Your List?

oval ceramic dish handcrafted

I’ve been in the grocery store a lot lately, and seen ladies with their lists, checking off the items they need for their holiday party menus.

(Sorry guys. I know some of you plan, too.)

They are planning for the food they’ll serve for special days coming soon: Thanksgiving and Christmas among them.

I wonder if they are planning for their dinnerware and serving pieces as much as the cooking.

I’ll bet many of them are.

Having the right dinnerware and serving pieces is all part of pulling off an enjoyable holiday dinner. (Planners know the benefits of forethought. Some . . . → Read More: Holiday Dinnerware On Your List?

Deviled Egg Plates | Serve a Classic Dish

Deviled eggs on Hartstone egg plate Rustic Apple

Who would have thought, a National Deviled Egg Day, devoted to one of the most popular appetizers ever to make it to a Midwest holiday feast?

We always had deviled eggs at home, at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter especially, and for other special family gatherings, too. Couldn’t put them out too early, though, because they would start disappearing well before dinner time.

I never knew there weren’t special plates made to serve them, because this dish was so popular in my world growing up.

When it comes to the best deviled egg plates, the more spaces the better. My mother . . . → Read More: Deviled Egg Plates | Serve a Classic Dish

Serve Jam in Style | Mustard, Too

This harvest season, serve jam in style, whether you made it yourself, found it at a local farm market, or enjoy the products of your favorite commercial maker.

Glass jam jars are pretty to use for serving jelly and honey, too. These are making a comeback on home breakfast and dinner tables, as people do more home preserving. Making your own jam is an easy way to learn these skills, as well as to control the contents of your food.

Jam jars with tops can hold a family-size quantity of beautiful fruit jam, jelly or honey. Open style jam serving . . . → Read More: Serve Jam in Style | Mustard, Too

Tremar Pottery Cider Mug | Vintage Cornwall

Tremar Pottery was made in Cornwall, and this cider mug is returning home!

A kind customer clued me in about this distinctive vintage pottery and the name Tremar, because on this piece the impressed stamp was near the edge. It had lost its second “r” and read Trema.

I looked at several websites that had photo galleries, illustrating many Tremar pieces. The matte finish glaze is subdued, emphasizing earthy quality of the pottery. I can imagine this ware in Hobbit homes, perhaps the houses of Bilbo Baggins or Samwise Gamgee.

The village of Tremar is a few miles outside the . . . → Read More: Tremar Pottery Cider Mug | Vintage Cornwall

Cinco de Mayo Dinnerware | Bright Summer Party Dishes

Cheese and detail of dish Hacienda Gold Franciscan

Cinco de Mayo is today, May 5, a time to party in Mexican style.

Casual dinnerware goes with the festive atmosphere of Cinco de Mayo parties, complementary to the lively colors and simple goodness of the salsa, tortillas, enchiladas, Margaritas and other foods you might be serving.

I selected a divided vegetable dish in the Hacienda Gold pattern by Franciscan for special use today. I put regular salsa in one side (actually the Black Bean and Roasted Corn Salsa by Pace), and cheese dip (Queso by Taco Bell) on the other.

Served with blue corn chips, and regular corn chips, . . . → Read More: Cinco de Mayo Dinnerware | Bright Summer Party Dishes

Irish Pottery Mugs for Cocoa, Tea and Memories

Souvenirs can come from many places, and be just about anything that brings back sweet memories from our travels.

I’ve got some Irish pottery mugs that do that for me. I like to get out my collectibles and enjoy them. Mugs are practical, small to pack, and easy to use.

In 2005, I made my first visit to Ireland, with a friend who had a bed and breakfast business on the west coast in County Clare. Of course we went shopping, and I found these beautiful mugs at a home goods store near the historic Bunratty Castle, not far . . . → Read More: Irish Pottery Mugs for Cocoa, Tea and Memories

Hartstone Pottery – Sweet!

This quality pottery is handmade in Zanesville, Ohio, by “the original” Hartstone.

This company has roots back to the 1970s. It went through a period of corporate ownership, and was closed.

But in a town of 25,000, the loss of 400 jobs was painful, not to mention the loss of a piece of history. Southeastern Ohio has a long history of pottery making, and most of it is gone. Roseville, McCoy, Crooksville, Shawnee and Weller are just a few of the Ohio potteries that are familiar to collectors of vintage American pottery and dinnerware.

So . . . → Read More: Hartstone Pottery – Sweet!

Yummy dish for a yummy dish

Pfaltzgraff Jamberry butter dish

Pfaltzgraff has a discontinued pattern called Jamberry. It makes my list of dinnerware patterns that are sweet for this time of year, when my craving for fresh fruit pops up as quickly as daffodils on a warm spring day…

The Jamberry pattern of stoneware china includes dessert bowls (the small ones for applesauce or fruit), and a larger salad or cereal bowl in the table setting.

Rhubarb shortcake is at the top of my dessert list for April. At home, Mom made Rosy Cobbler. The recipe probably came from the Bisquick box.

Rosy Cobbler is . . . → Read More: Yummy dish for a yummy dish

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