Canyon Ridge Cappuccino Pfaltzgraff dinnreware

Pfaltzgraff Dinnerware Color Band Patterns

A reader asked me about one of the Pfaltzgraff china patterns that I showed in a prior post. Thanks, Annie! I hope you found the color match you were looking for. Here’s the prior post: Complete Your Pfaltzgraff Dinnerware Collection. If a sleek, round and simple dinnerware fits your style, you might enjoy some of […]

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Pfaltzgraff Village vintage dinnerware

Vintage Pfaltzgraff Dinnerware New Old Friends

Old friends come in the form of vintage dinnerware, as well as people. They are the china and dishes that you remember from childhood, from grandma’s house, or those pieces and patterns that connect to happy memories from days gone by. Pfaltzgraff makes a number of patterns that have been made for more than 40 […]

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Garden theme dishes

Garden Dinnerware | Green for Earth Day

Itchy for green outdoors? Start indoors, with a table setting of garden theme dishes! Earth Day is on Monday this year. That makes this weekend an ideal time to bring out the summer-y garden and floral dishes, to satisfy your need to enjoy growing things. Start with any green dishes or glassware you might already […]

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Yorktowne china piggin Pfaltzgraff

Vintage Pfaltzgraff Piggin Shape | Wall Pocket

Pfaltzgraff is one my favorite dinnerware brands. And, finding unusual dinnerware and tableware pieces is part of the fun of scouting for dishes. It took me a while to identify this unmarked piece. I could tell by the glaze that it was probably a piece of Yorktowne by Pfaltzgraff. But what? Solving the mystery is […]

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Detail Valley View Pfaltzgraff dinnerware

Pfaltzgraff Love: Tips to Complete Your Dinnerware Collection

Pfaltzgraff china fans are passionate. They love their dinnerware patterns. Dish lovers of all kinds understand when Pfaltzgraff owners change out their kitchen cabinets, bringing in their spring, summer, fall or winter china patterns when the season change, like the rest of us ordinary folks change our clothes closets. Dishies understand, too, about owning several […]

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Pfaltzgraff Jamberry butter dish

Yummy dish for a yummy dish

Pfaltzgraff has a discontinued pattern called Jamberry. It makes my list of dinnerware patterns that are sweet for this time of year, when my craving for fresh fruit pops up as quickly as daffodils on a warm spring day… The Jamberry pattern of stoneware china includes dessert bowls (the small ones for applesauce or fruit), […]

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