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I love dishes, and I continue to haunt thrift stores, estate sales, and other places where vintage china, dinnerware and glassware are to be found.

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All About the Green – Vintage Tableware

retro glassware and Corelle

When it comes to St. Patrick Day’s (and other “green” holidays), if your dinner table is wearing green today, you have a lot of choices in vintage dinnerware and glassware. These are just a few examples.

Just choose your favorites. Greens are easy to mix and match.

Green also works for Easter, and for the spring season in general. If it’s your favorite color, so much the better!

(I just couldn’t resist the green Peep!)

In the photo, I have a Corelle salad plate in the Spring Blossom pattern, with a border of green flowers along the edge. This . . . → Read More: All About the Green – Vintage Tableware

Serve Jam in Style | Mustard, Too

This harvest season, serve jam in style, whether you made it yourself, found it at a local farm market, or enjoy the products of your favorite commercial maker.

Glass jam jars are pretty to use for serving jelly and honey, too. These are making a comeback on home breakfast and dinner tables, as people do more home preserving. Making your own jam is an easy way to learn these skills, as well as to control the contents of your food.

Jam jars with tops can hold a family-size quantity of beautiful fruit jam, jelly or honey. Open style jam serving . . . → Read More: Serve Jam in Style | Mustard, Too

Let Your Table Setting Sparkle with Glassware

Glass accessories like goblets, cake plates, salt and pepper shakers or jam jars are guaranteed to light up your table setting ideas.

The shine and transparent qualities of glass are often complementary to your china dinnerware sets.

Glass has been used since Roman times due to its beauty, transparency and color possibilities. In Medieval Venice, glass artisans were kept on an island, lest they take their valuable glassmaking knowledge away with them to other places.

Glassmaking eventually came to America and numerous makers, especially in the east, founded factories in places where they could find the proper sand and . . . → Read More: Let Your Table Setting Sparkle with Glassware

Egg plates for Easter

Beautiful plates to display and serve your deviled eggs, or colored, hard-boiled Easter eggs, have been available for many years. They’re popular in the spring and summer for holiday gatherings and outdoor parties, or any time of year.

Egg plates come in glass, plastic or ceramic versions. The best ones for you are those suited to the type of egg, and the venue. A fancy one can be used on a festive Christmas table. The plastic ones are for picnics and other outdoor events.

Which ever you use, your family and guests will enjoy the view, and the eating!

Our . . . → Read More: Egg plates for Easter

Mosser Glass is Luscious

Recently, we made an opportunity to visit Mosser Glass in Cambridge, Ohio. We’d already seen the factory on Made in America on the Travel Channel, but there’s nothing like a personal visit.

It really was like being a kid in a candy store. Only you can handle the goods if you’re careful!

We arrived in the afternoon, and had plenty of time, with the shop to ourselves. The wholesale catalog shows many items, but not everything. And we were treated to some new items, like this spooner in the Bermuda Blue color.

Watching them make the glass is a . . . → Read More: Mosser Glass is Luscious

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