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I love dishes, and I continue to haunt thrift stores, estate sales, and other places where vintage china, dinnerware and glassware are to be found.

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Milk Cookies Mikasa

California Poppy vintage Mikasa plate

I’ve been collecting Mikasa stoneware from the 1970s. I love the designs. Only thing is, I don’t usually find more than a few pieces at a time.

I like to use my dinnerware. Here’s another excuse to get more creative, and imagine a table setting using this beautiful dinnerware in different patterns.

While I use my single pieces for special snacks, like this plate of snickerdoodles and milk.

Fortunately, Mikasa made this process easier, by creating product lines like Natural Beauty, designed for mix and match.

This group has a lot of different patterns within it, based around . . . → Read More: Milk Cookies Mikasa

Tuna Salad Sandwich – Vintage China, Cool Lunch

So simple, tuna sandwiches are easy to make as the weather warms up. Keep the filling cold and bring it out for a quick lunch around the pool, or even a picnic if you can keep the sandwiches cold and eat them promptly.

Never had an exact recipe for this one. I like lots of pickles, so I head for the high side. The celery seed is often easier, but the fresh celery is nice for a change, and to give it more crunch.

Tuna Salad Sandwich Spread 2 small cans tuna, drained 6-8 hard boiled eggs, . . . → Read More: Tuna Salad Sandwich – Vintage China, Cool Lunch

Get Creative for Mother’s Day with Vintage China

Now that Easter is over, time to get ready for Mother’s Day (second Sunday in May).

By adding some vintage charm to your table setting, you can impress your mother, family and friends with a table setting that is creative and shows off your china to enjoyable effect.

Feature Mom’s favorite flower – such as roses, daisies or forget-me-nots – to enhance your dinnerware patterns. There are china patterns galore that feature these specific flowers. Pick her favorite color – such as pink, blue, yellow or green – and build the table setting around that theme. White china and . . . → Read More: Get Creative for Mother’s Day with Vintage China

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