Retro china and stoneware

More Pleasure – Vintage Dish Shopping

Any time is a good time to shop for vintage dishes, and especially now, when there seems to be more and more available in secondhand marketplaces. Where I live, there are new stores that have opened, and the regular thrift shops are often stuffed to the max with vintage wares. I handle my shopping via […]

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Mikasa Desert Flower dinnerware

Mikasa Mediterrania Retro Classic

  Dinnerware that shouts Retro: china in the Mediterrania product line by Mikasa qualifies. Perhaps it even sets the standard. This salad plate in the Desert Flower pattern is a cheerful yellow, and bold. If you’re a fan of 1970s style, or mixing it up with a bohemian flair, this dinnerware is worth seeking out […]

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Whitehall by Colony candy dish

Colorful Valentine – American Whitehall

  When I saw this teal green glass bon bon dish in the Whitehall pattern by Colony, I had to have it. It was sitting on a glass shelf in a secondhand shop window, highlighted by the afternoon light coming through. I had already succumbed to weakness and bought the heart candy box for the […]

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shop for vintage dinnerware

Shop Vintage Dinnerware All Year Round

  My permanent shopping list makes shopping for vintage dishes easy. Shopping for vintage at the holiday season? Get organized to better enjoy the thrill of the hunt! I have favorite vintage dishes and glass items I’m always searching for. And I keep a small notebook that’s my “permanent shopping list” to keep track of […]

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Pairs of vintage dinnerware pieces

Vintage Dishes – Just Two – What To Do?

I like to use my vintage china. One challenge: setting a table for a group, when I only have a few of the piece types I want to use to serve the foods I’ve cooked. What can you do, when you have only two? Secondary marketplaces are spotty in their detailed offerings. Yes, there’s lots […]

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Vintage glass for bohemian style home decor

Vintage Glassware Bohemian Style

If you’re looking for vintage glassware with an eye to creating an awesome bohemian style collection, there are some really cool and funky patterns out there. I’ve seen several of them in my travels, and enjoy rescuing them from the abyss to come home with me. (Glass that doesn’t sell eventually gets smashed in a […]

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Bohemian style vintage dishes

Vintage Dinnerware for Bohemian Style

The first thing I noticed about bohemian style is how much it reminds me of the 1970s. This trend caught my eye the first time I saw it in a decorating magazine. Many of the photos highlighted “found” items or personal collections based on years of living and travel. Vintage dinnerware, found in many, many […]

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Canyon Ridge Cappuccino Pfaltzgraff dinnreware

Pfaltzgraff Dinnerware Color Band Patterns

A reader asked me about one of the Pfaltzgraff china patterns that I showed in a prior post. Thanks, Annie! I hope you found the color match you were looking for. Here’s the prior post: Complete Your Pfaltzgraff Dinnerware Collection. If a sleek, round and simple dinnerware fits your style, you might enjoy some of […]

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Lenox china vintage sugar bowl popcorn

Vintage Dinnerware Repurposed for Earth Day

Earth Day is every day when you continue using your vintage china and glassware! Most dinnerware is not recyclable, nor is broken glass or Pyrex. Yet you can keep using those old dishes and glasses in different ways to jazz up your table setting, made up eclectic place settings, or just enjoy the style of […]

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vintage salad bowl trifle dessert

A Trifle Tweaked in a Vintage Glass Bowl

I have a trifle dish, but where? So I decided to make this fruity dessert in a vintage salad bowl. I think the bowl shows off the cool dessert, and is something of a conversation piece for those like me who are interested in vintage glassware. This bowl has a swirl edge and panels, and […]

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Easter eggs in vintage china

Easter Eggs – Vintage China

Well, mostly vintage. The Fiesta mug in the upper left is about 10 years old. The beauty of this dinnerware is its vintage look, but you can buy them in quantity. This peacock blue would be great on your Easter dinner table. And there are lots of other colors in Fiesta that work for a […]

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