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Fiesta China Color Fest For Table Setting

Fiesta china mugs Dancing jugs

Lovers of Fiesta china color were getting their fix at the Homer Laughlin tent sale this past weekend.

The company holds an annual tent sale at the factory in Newell, West Virginia. Fiesta collectors come from far and near to get pieces in their chosen colors.

Table setting with Fiesta offers thousands of possibilities with more than 12 colors in the “older” Fiesta rainbow and more than 25 in the “newer” color collection.

Peacock blue is one of the newer colors, like the mug I included in this post.

Most of the dinnerware is solid color, though there are examples . . . → Read More: Fiesta China Color Fest For Table Setting

Peacock Blue | Bright Bold Dinnerware

Dinnerware and glassware makers choose the peacock blue color for its rich intensity and striking boldness.

You can see the inspiration, from the peacock’s feathers. The male peacock has lots of showy color. It’s a distinctive color choice for dinnerware, glassware and home decor.

This blue is one of the standard colors in the revived production of Fiesta dinnerware by Homer Laughlin.

Newer Fiesta introduced the color around 2005, and you can set your entire table with it if you choose. There are different four and five piece place setting combinations available, and lots of additional plate and bowl sizes, . . . → Read More: Peacock Blue | Bright Bold Dinnerware

Fiesta for Cinco de Mayo – Dinnerware That Is

Fiesta by Homer Laughlin: What better dinnerware can you bring out to use for your Cinco de Mayo party? Or any party, for that matter.

Fiesta means party in Spanish.

Introduced in 1936, this dinnerware is a perennial favorite, with many fans and collectors. It was grandma’s china, or even great grandma’s china.

When it first came into the marketplace, it was very modern, with an Art Deco sensibility in shape and glazed in solid colors. This was a big departure from the frilly Edwardian and Victorian era wares that were prevalent before that time.

Fiesta was always affordable, . . . → Read More: Fiesta for Cinco de Mayo – Dinnerware That Is

Restaurant ware – a retro classic to collect

Restaurant ware collection


You know the kind of local restaurant I’m talking about. Mom and Pop. Everybody knows your name. Not a cookie cutter, nor a cliché. A neighborhood one-of-a-kind. The orders are called out loud to the short order cooks, and the clatter of china is common.

A waitress carrying three, four, or more full meals balanced carefully up her arm darts between tables. Heavy china serves a wide array of comfort food, like steaming coffee, luscious stacks of pancakes, massive salads, substandial steaks and hand-formed burgers with grill-toasted buns.

The hardworking china they use is called restaurant ware. It . . . → Read More: Restaurant ware – a retro classic to collect

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