Apple Galette on Hartstone baking stone

Simple Dessert – Apple Galette

I made my first apple galette today. It’s like a pie without the pie dish. The pastry goes flat on a baking stone or sheet. Then you add the filling and pull up the sides. I’ve seen a number of recipes for this kind of dessert. It seems a little easier than a pie, because […]

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Grandma Ogden Banana Bread

Not my grandma, but Chef Lynn Miller’s grandmother’s banana bread. In my family, we have some recipe books that belonged to one grandma. The other was notorious for being, shall we say, a less than optimal cook. Yet there is a deep food heritage in my family. The oldest recipes are based on German roots. […]

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Serving baked goods Earth Day

Earth Day Baking Part 7: Serving Baked Goods

Once you’ve made your baked goods, it’s time to eat them! Serving breads, rolls, muffins and other baked goods to family and friends is satisfying and enjoyable. What should you know about serving them at the table (if you can resist long enough)? Many dinnerware sets include serving pieces designed for bringing breads to the […]

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Earth Day Baking Part 3: Bake Muffins at Home

Blueberry muffins are ever popular. Other recipes include banana raisin, apple, cranberry and many other variations. Muffins may seem intimidating, but following a few simple techniques will help you create home baked success. Baking them at home can help you save money, eat healthier because you control the ingredients, and provide a chance to experiment […]

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Earth Day Baking Part 2: Pineapple Raisin Quick Bread Recipe

Time to get out your mixing bowls and loaf baking pans. Assemble your ingredients and roll up your sleeves. You are not far away from that wonderful home baking aroma, and the tasty results of your work. Pineapple Raisin Quick Bread A simple recipe with popular ingredients. This bread is flavorful for breakfast, snacks or […]

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Earth Day Baking Part 1: Quick Breads

Quick breads are an easy introduction to the world of home baking. Homemade breads are delicious and economical. These breads usually include fruit or nuts. They are especially good to pack in lunches, or enjoy with a hot cup of tea or coffee, or a cold glass of milk for an afternoon snack. By definition, […]

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Celebrate Earth Day with Home Baking

Earth Day is April 22, and in 2010 celebrates its 40th anniversary. It has expanded to Earth Awareness Week, which we like, because a week gives time to add something new to your “green living” skills and activities at home. In this series, we suggest baking at home as something to do to celebrate Earth […]

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Snack cake: get started with home baking

Bag two birds with one stone: eat at home more, and enjoy an easy to make, moist chocolate cake at the same time. How can you go wrong? Baking at home can help you save money, eat healthier because you control the ingredients, and provide a chance to experiment and tweak recipes to suit your […]

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