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I love dishes, and I continue to haunt thrift stores, estate sales, and other places where vintage china, dinnerware and glassware are to be found.

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Grandma’s Party Dishes – Making Memories

Glass party set Orchard Crystal

When my grandmother’s estate was settled, I got her party dishes. That was what we called them: three boxes of glassware snack sets, in an unknown pattern by Orchard Crystal, a total of 12 sets.

The plain boxes, somewhat the worse for wear, did not attract anyone’s eye, but I knew what they were.

It’s not that us kids got to use these dishes, however.

My grandmother used her glass party dishes when she hosted card parties in the afternoon with her “club.” This was her special group of church women who met at each others’ houses once a . . . → Read More: Grandma’s Party Dishes – Making Memories

Gold Vintage Glassware | Bling for Thanksgiving Table Setting

Glasswre 3-part server Georgian

Shiny bright glass, and gold vintage glassware in particular, offers a special opportunity for your Thanksgiving and fall table settings.

Warmer than amber, bright gold glasses and other serving pieces can give extra spark to complement your china.

Finding Vintage Gold Glassware

Check the secondary marketplace. This is a color from the late 1960s to early 1970s, as you may remember if you’re in the right age bracket. Remember those Harvest Gold refrigerators and stoves? Cookware was also made in this color. Learn the patterns and choose the one(s) you like best. Some of the patterns: Georgian, Swedish Modern, Fairfield . . . → Read More: Gold Vintage Glassware | Bling for Thanksgiving Table Setting

Big Top Peanut Butter Goblets, Vintage Hazel Atlas

Even today, once in a while, you will see jelly sold in a glass jar with a pop-off metal top. Like these Big Top Peanut Butter goblets, the glassware is meant to be kept as a drinking glass.

This was much more common in the 1950s, and the goblets made by Hazel Atlas for Big Top Peanut Butter are one of the best known examples of this method of marketing and packaging.

Big Top later became Jif, and I remember better the white milk glass goblets of similar shape and size that had a grape motif, made for Jif by . . . → Read More: Big Top Peanut Butter Goblets, Vintage Hazel Atlas

Depression Glass, Classic Style

This past weekend, the local Depression glass society had its spring show. Always a treat to see this beautiful glass, and the society members make it enjoyable. They run a table where you can get help with identifying your own glass (included in the cost of admission).

They identified ruffled blue berry bowl in the “Fancy” or “Diamond Arches” pattern by Hazel Atlas for me.

I’m old enough to remember Depression glass from my grandmother’s and great aunt’s collections. Charming patterns like Cameo or Sharon in pink, Parrot in green, or blue Aunt Polly.

I remember going . . . → Read More: Depression Glass, Classic Style

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