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Time to Enjoy a Halloween Table Setting

Halloween dishes and candy

Whether you’re serving candy corn or pizza, some colorful dishes can bring sparkle to your table for Halloween, and for parties on the day or the weekend after.

It’s also an opportunity, once again, to play with mix and match table setting ideas.

Here I’ve brought in my very favorite Poultrygeist mug. He turns up around here in the strangest places, and not just on Halloween. Could there really be a ghost in the china?

The glass compote is vintage, in the King’s Crown or Thumbprint pattern, made by Indiana, Wright, US Glass and others. This example is plain . . . → Read More: Time to Enjoy a Halloween Table Setting

Halloween Dinnerware | Classic Black and Orange

Halloween dessert plates designed by Debbie Mumm

Colorful Halloween dessert plates by Sakura are one example of the cutest Halloween dinnerware. Designed by Debbie Mumm, they have special, spooky charm.

The Haunted House pattern dates from around 2000, before purple and lime green had gained so much popularity as colors for Halloween decorating. My favorite Poultrygeist mug was made more recently, and works in those colors.

When I found these plates this week, I knew what those guys feel like on Antiques Roadshow, when they get to see something live and in-person, that they might never see again.

The checkered pattern in the rims reminds me of . . . → Read More: Halloween Dinnerware | Classic Black and Orange

Halloween Dinnerware Colors | Poultrygeist Returns

Halloween colors in dishes and glassware

When it comes to Halloween dinnerware colors, the selection is broader than you may think.

The plan usually starts with traditional orange and black, of course. Pumpkins and bats — it wouldn’t be Halloween without them.

In more recent years, purple and lime green have been added to the palette.

Fall dinnerware colors in the brown, gold, rust and cream range can be used as a neutral background, to set off a quirky and spooky Halloween table setting theme.

I’ve written about my favorite Poultrygeist Halloween mug before. I just smile every time I see the funky mystery rooster, ready . . . → Read More: Halloween Dinnerware Colors | Poultrygeist Returns

Halloween Dinnerware Tips and Tricks

Rooster mug Halloween Poultrygeist

Dare I say it…tricks to serve your treats for Halloween!

Halloween is here, and it’s time to get out the china and dinnerware with motifs that feature spooks, spiders, ghosts, goblins and other spooky creatures.

Some tea from the cauldron will go great in a mug like my favorite Poultrygeist scary rooster mug.

There is a surprising variety of dishes, china and dinnerware available that features popular Halloween motifs.

And the number of animated candy bowls that make noise, or even grab little hands, expands every year as well.

Even ordinary dinnerware can be used for your Halloween party tableware.

. . . → Read More: Halloween Dinnerware Tips and Tricks

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