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I love dishes, and I continue to haunt thrift stores, estate sales, and other places where vintage china, dinnerware and glassware are to be found.

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A Trifle Tweaked in a Vintage Glass Bowl

vintage salad bowl trifle dessert

I have a trifle dish, but where? So I decided to make this fruity dessert in a vintage salad bowl.

I think the bowl shows off the cool dessert, and is something of a conversation piece for those like me who are interested in vintage glassware.

This bowl has a swirl edge and panels, and overall is square shaped. It’s not marked, and so far has eluded identification of a pattern and maker.

Based on the color, I’ll place it in the 1970s. The shape could put it into a later decade. In any case, old enough to be . . . → Read More: A Trifle Tweaked in a Vintage Glass Bowl

Best Vintage Dishes for Back to School

Back to school dishes

What vintage dishes would work well for a student going off to school?

I was poking around a thrift store recently, in company of some folks who were looking to outfit a grandson for his first college apartment.

They were shopping for cookware. Someone else had the dinnerware checklist.

A lot of people are looking to go second hand when it comes to items for their students. The same might be said for a first apartment for a graduate as well.

Attributes For Back-to-School Dinnerware

Practical. The dishes should be the right piece types to go with the foods they . . . → Read More: Best Vintage Dishes for Back to School

White China Soup Bowls | Pasta With Bacon

pasta dish in white bowl

White china soup bowls are versatile to use when serving chili, casseroles and other foods, too.

Many cooks and chefs like white because they show off the food to good advantage. And as they say, we eat with our eyes.

In the September 2011 issue of Everyday Food, I saw a recipe for Pasta and Bacon with Smoky Tomato Sauce. I knew I was so making this.

I had most of the ingredients, and what really sold me — besides that it was an easy recipe — was that it includes cavatappi as the pasta. This shape is curly . . . → Read More: White China Soup Bowls | Pasta With Bacon

More Missoni Table Setting Ideas

I couldn’t stop playing with the dishes, so I came up with some more Missoni table setting ideas.

Missoni for Target dinnerware provides lots and lots of table setting inspiration.

I used a salad plate in the Passione pattern, purple family colors, big chunks of raspberry and white in between the center color bands.

Continuing from my last post, Missoni Dinnerware Table Setting Ideas, which focused on bold colors and square shapes, I fiddled around some more.

This time, I tried softer colors, predominately white palettes.

I tend to go for the monochromatic color schemes in table setting. And there . . . → Read More: More Missoni Table Setting Ideas

Mix and Match Dinnerware | Cheer Up A Rainy Day

We get lots of gloomy days in Michigan. One way to brighten them, mix and match dinnerware pieces from the cupboards. Playing with dishes is always fun…

I started with the smaller plate, Marion by Meyer. This is vintage restaurant ware. In weight it’s close to stoneware. This service-ready china is very practical, and this pattern fits well with my “every color as long as it’s blue” dinnerware obsession.

Grilled cheese sandwich, hear I come. This plate goes on top, to help the cheese melt as I cook it in the skillet.

The larger plate is Provincal Sky by Lenox. . . . → Read More: Mix and Match Dinnerware | Cheer Up A Rainy Day

One of a Kind Dinnerware Find | Table Setting Inspiration

One of a kind dinnerware pieces can inspire an entire table setting theme, or even a whole room’s decor. If you love it, there will be ways to fit that piece into your china collection, to use and joy the unique piece.

Scouting last week, I found a darling china dinner plate in the Strawberry Plaid pattern by Oneida. Just one.

A plate like this presents lots of possibilities for use as part of an eclectic table setting, and can even become the focal point, as well as a favorite.

Color: There are lots of colors to pick and choose . . . → Read More: One of a Kind Dinnerware Find | Table Setting Inspiration

Harry Potter Party Dinnerware Colors

Fall is a great time for a Harry Potter party! This is a popular theme, with so many ways to express your creativity in dinnerware and dress. Halloween ties right in with the magical world as well.

You can dress your table with the colors of the Hogwarts school houses (one or several) as one way to create your Potter party tablescape.

Gryffindor uses scarlet and gold Ravenclaw uses blue and bronze Hufflepuff uses yellow and black Slytherin uses green and silver

Dinnerware sets, glassware and flatware pieces in these colors are widely available, and you may have some china . . . → Read More: Harry Potter Party Dinnerware Colors

Farm Fresh Corelle Dinnerware – Sweet Country Charm

The Farm Fresh dinnerware pattern by Corelle retains its country charm and popularity for casual parties and everyday dining.

Farm Fresh is decorated with red apples, green pears and grapes, and has a green checkerboard motif on many of the pieces. The background is almond beige. Some of the items, such as the bowls, have a simplified version of the motif.

I actively seek this pattern in my scouting for dinnerware. The cups and plates are fairly common. The bowls less so, and the glassware (tumblers and carafe) and bakeware (covered casseroles) are tough to find.

This is a cute . . . → Read More: Farm Fresh Corelle Dinnerware – Sweet Country Charm

Blogging Fun and Dinnerware – Dishes Galore

I saw something today that caught my imagination A well-known professional blogger, Darren Rowse of ProBlogger, suggested writing a list post, a round up of selected previous posts.

I’ve never done a story on Diary of a Dishie quite like this. So here goes.

Diary of a Dishie – Memorable Posts

My second post, back in 2008, was about having afternoon tea in Ireland. A short piece with a few photos, about a memorable day with a memorable friend. Lovely dishes and food, too.

One of the most popular posts is about tuna casserole. This one has an extra twist: . . . → Read More: Blogging Fun and Dinnerware – Dishes Galore

Pfaltzgraff Love: Tips to Complete Your Dinnerware Collection

Detail Valley View Pfaltzgraff dinnerware

Pfaltzgraff china fans are passionate. They love their dinnerware patterns. Dish lovers of all kinds understand when Pfaltzgraff owners change out their kitchen cabinets, bringing in their spring, summer, fall or winter china patterns when the season change, like the rest of us ordinary folks change our clothes closets.

Dishies understand, too, about owning several sets of china.

Some Pfaltzgraff lovers have decorated their kitchens with their special patterns, right down to the rugs, the breadbox and the light switch plates.

People who enjoy Pfaltzgraff appreciate the classic patterns and sturdy manufacture of the stoneware. This china was American made . . . → Read More: Pfaltzgraff Love: Tips to Complete Your Dinnerware Collection

Chickens, hens, roosters…more dishes

Over my kitchen cabinets, I have a display of chicken things. Mostly dishes, but a few other pieces as well. I have some other chicken-related things around the house as well. I’ve just chosen to collect because they’re fun, and then…

Above the kitchen counter

My grandfather raised and showed bantam chickens for many years. He passed before I was old enough to remember him, but I remember the chicken houses and pens at my grandmother’s house. The sound of the chickens and the smell of the clean straw.

We had a few chickens at our house, too. I . . . → Read More: Chickens, hens, roosters…more dishes

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