birthday cake inspired by dinnerware

Happy 8th Birthday – Diary of a Dishie

  The cake is eaten, the dishes washed. It was a lovely birthday cake, and delicious, too. I asked the bakery to use the motif and colors of the dinnerware as inspiration for the cake, and they did a wonderful job (thanks, Adam’s Cake Shop!). The plate is from the Meadow pattern by Corelle, which […]

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Meadow by Corelle vintage dishes

Vintage Corelle Dinnerware Old Friend

  I’m reaching for my Meadow pattern by Corelle most often these days, when I go to my dish cabinet and pull out a vintage dish to use. It’s a pretty spring pattern with pastel colors and bright green details. It was one of the early Corelle patterns in the 1970s, and it was my […]

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Garden theme dishes

Garden Dinnerware | Green for Earth Day

Itchy for green outdoors? Start indoors, with a table setting of garden theme dishes! Earth Day is on Monday this year. That makes this weekend an ideal time to bring out the summer-y garden and floral dishes, to satisfy your need to enjoy growing things. Start with any green dishes or glassware you might already […]

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McRib sandwich vintage Corelle plate Meadow

McRib Meets Vintage Corelle

I like to use my vintage Corelle, and the right time is anytime. Bringing home my first McRib sandwich. Enjoy sandwich and dinnerware at the same time. I’ve written about using my vintage Corelle plate in the Meadow pattern before. Today, it was for a cult classic, the McDonald’s McRib sandwich. I’d never had one […]

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China Coffee Mugs | Java in Style

If you’re a coffee drinker, can you ever have too many china coffee mugs? I’m thinking about the stoneware kind, though there are lots of other kinds to use, to enjoy your cup of Joe. I like tea and coffee. It depends on the menu, and the situation. Yesterday was National Coffee Day, but who […]

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Farm Fresh Corelle Dinnerware – Sweet Country Charm

The Farm Fresh dinnerware pattern by Corelle retains its country charm and popularity for casual parties and everyday dining. Farm Fresh is decorated with red apples, green pears and grapes, and has a green checkerboard motif on many of the pieces. The background is almond beige. Some of the items, such as the bowls, have […]

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Use your Corelle for serving summer snacks

I had Corelle dinnerware in the Meadow pattern when I first had my own place, in the 1970s. Those dishes have gone their own way many moves ago, but I still have a plate or two, to remind me of those heady days of living on my own. Saturday I ate a special snack on […]

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Tall Cooler Glass of Lemonade

On a hot, muggy evening, I could sure use a tall cooler glass full of lemonade. Fresh-squeezed, with just a bit of sugar. Glasses like these, made for Corelle’s Landscape pattern, would work just fine. They have nice heavy bottoms, and hold a good 16 ounces. Tomorrow I’ll go back to the Produce Palace and […]

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