Corelle plate Country Morn

7 Reasons Why Corelle Keeps Its Popularity

Corelle dinnerware has been popular since its early days in 1970. At our house, Corelle is the workhorse dinnerware we use first every day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We use it to serve food just cooked, as well as warming leftovers in the microwave. We like the Country Morn pattern. Corelle is practical, hands […]

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Vintage Corelle and Corning Ware – What to look for

We enjoy using vintage Corelle dinnerware, as well as Corning Ware bowls and casseroles. Lots of these are available in the marketplace. What should you look for when search for these dishes to add to your collection? Modern Corelle and Corning pieces are more resistant to washing in the dishwasher, but the vintage pieces that […]

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