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Swoon over Indigo Moon

Indigo Moon has been on our radar screen ever since the first time we saw it. One, because it’s blue. Two, because it’s so cool.

Indigo Moon vintage china plateIt’s an occupational hazard of life on the dish trail: Sometimes you want to keep your finds.

As soon as I see blue, the cart turns in that direction. If I put on a bumper sticker for thrift store shopping, it would read “Caution: I Brake for Blue.”

This plate is also an example of something that came from an unexpected place, like the Ben Seibel china designed for Iroquois that we found a few months ago. Small towns and rural areas can be surprising sources of dinnerware that reflects the hot trends of its times.

Indigo Moon was made in Japan in the 1960s. It’s a beautiful white porcelain, like the better-quality dinnerware we’ve seen from this era. Then, the flowers just pop.

The black centers give this pattern that extra mod punch. Like icing on the cake.

Indigo Moon has so much to like.

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7 comments to Swoon over Indigo Moon

  • Christin

    This was my grandmother’s everyday dish set. I love that something she owned that has so much sentimental value for me has also held up so well in terms of design. The cups and saucers are especially fun. My only complaint now that the set belongs to me is that the creamer doesn’t pour well.

  • Kimbesa

    This pattern is on my permanent “looking for” list!

    I agree about the creamer. Some of them are just not made they way they should be, but they look cool.

    A lot of what I had went to a new home in Scotland. Someday I’ll find a bunch more.

  • Victoria

    My daughter surprised me with a coffee set that she found at a college town yard sale. I was able to save 1 cup and the matching creamer from a very unfortunate accident. I’m hoping to replace the broken items asap. I fell in Love with it!!

  • Mary


    I just found a teacup and saucer of the pattern, “Indigo Moon”. Is it worth anything?

    Mary S,

    • kimbesa

      Hello Mary,

      I’d refer you to Replacements (dot) com, which is a company that has lots of vintage dinnerware. You can get a general idea of a retail value from there.

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