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Starburst Search Vintage Franciscan China

Starburst Franciscan chinaI’m looking for a few pieces of the Starburst pattern to add to my collection. This is vintage dinnerware from the 1950s and 1960s, with an “atomic” star motif.

Think Space Age, Mid-Century Modern, and Mad Men.

The shapes are a bit of a twist: not quite round plates and triangular for the tray that holds the salt and pepper shakers.

So far, I’ve purchased a vintage magazine ad from a ladies publication of the time. It shows off the china in a contemporary table setting.

This ware was made for about 12 years, between the mid-50s and mid-60s. Yet in all my years looking for dishes, I’ve never purchased a piece of this pattern.

That’s about to change.

When I find my pieces, I’ll be checking them carefully for chips and crazing. Though this ware was made to high standards of the time, it’s now about 60 years old. It could be a challenge to find perfect pieces, but everything is out there to find, with enough time and looking.

I like to use my vintage china, so I’m aiming for a set of bread or salad plates that I can show off for desserts. If I find a serving piece in good condition, that would be a bonus.

Starburst looks to be pretty popular in secondary markets, and I believe that’s due to its classy design from the middle of the last century.

It may sound old to talk about it in those terms. But Starburst by Franciscan is modern all the way, then and now.

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4 comments to Starburst Search Vintage Franciscan China

  • bonnie

    I have a set of Starburst dishes just inherited looking to sell I,m in Ontario Canada

    • kimbesa

      Hello Bonnie!

      I’m not as familiar with Canada as the US, though I’m pretty sure there’s a replacement china company that might be interested in your china. If you can sell it direct yourself, you’ll probably get the best price, especially if the dishes are in pristine condition.

      I hope your sale goes well!

  • Leslie

    I love this pattern! I am blessed to have my mothers entire set for 12 and extra pieces that she and my father were given as wedding gifts almost 60 years ago. good luck in your search.

    • kimbesa

      Hello Leslie!

      You are fortunate to have a beautiful large set of this awesome Mid-Century china! Someone chose with good taste!

      No luck for me so far, but the hunt continues. Thanks for stopping by!

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