Spice of Life, more than a dish pattern

Spice of Life casserole

Spice of Life casserole

There’s an urban legend among some sellers, that when you handle an item in your inventory, it will sell soon.

So I had this Corning Ware casserole in the Spice of Life pattern. I picked it up to give it a home on a shelf. Within an hour, it sold. Spice of Life is a popular pattern, discontinued in the 1980s. But there’s more to the story…

At my mother’s house for Thanksgiving, we discussed oyster dressing. Not a dish we had at home, but my stepfather likes it. My mother said she’d like to have a good recipe.

When the casserole sold, the daughter on the East Coast who bought it was replacing it for her mother, who lives near me. So we got into an email conversation about the shipping address.

On Thanksgiving, she had broken it when cleaning up. It was the dish they used for oyster dressing. She was so happy, she sent me their family recipe....

Part of the spice of life, in an unexpected way... More to come, after I test the recipe!

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