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Serving Thanksgiving Dinner | Repurpose Me

Serving Thanksgiving dinner



Last minute preparations for tomorrow’s Turkey Day. Serving Thanksgiving dinner and found you need an extra, or different, serving piece?

Repurpose the china serving pieces that might be in the back of the cabinet, Use what you have, mix and match with other pieces.

These extra pieces can come in handy when there’s a last-minute change or addition to your menu as well.

Little-used dinnerware serving pieces will help you get the meal served, and create an eclectic setting for your table or buffet.

Mix and match serving pieces to fit your menu

  • Round platters - also called chop platters. Use for sliced meat, antipasto and appetizers. Also cupcakes and muffins. Make your own chip and dip set with a soup or cereal bowl in a complementary color or pattern. Put a big cheese ball in the center, and pile on the crackers around it. The round platter in the photo is Catalina by Style House.
  • Gravy boats. Use for sauces, salad dressings - any pourable addition, savory or sweet. Gravy or sauce boats are generally large enough to serve a crowd, and if you have a lot of people, you’ll need more than one. The gravy boat in the photo is Patricia by Seltmann.
  • Serving bowls - round or oval. Use for vegetables or salads. Mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes can go side by side in the same bowl, if needed. Need a bread basket? Line a serving bowl with a napkin or bread cloth and use to serve rolls, muffins or bread sticks. The round bowl in the photo is Deauville by Denby.

Serving Thanksgiving dinner can be eco-friendly by mixing and matching your new dinnerware, your vintage china and family heirloom dishes in your table setting.


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