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Orphan glassware – French wine tumblers

When I was a kid, it was the stuffed animals. Now it’s the dishes, and orphan glassware is always a temptation. They look so lonely…

When I’m out and about, I’m attracted to the onesies and twosies in among the glassware.

French tumblers Arcoroc green

We found these wonderful green glass tumblers, made in France. They have great grape vines embossed on the outside, and are generous size. Just what you’d expect to have on your table when wine is part of every meal.

These would be great for your dinner for two, or your special snack tray. The work to mix and match in a table setting, whether the theme is grapes or nature. The green works with other blue-green color glass or dinnerware. Snappy with white. You could even have an Italy or France-theme table setting where these would be fun.

If we had to guess the maker, we’d say Arcopal, but couldn’t confirm. It doesn’t really matter, because they’re classic, no matter who made them.

This pair is on its way to a new home in Texas. And when we get out and about, we’ll be looking for more…

green tumblers grapes France

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