Mosser Glass is Luscious

Recently, we made an opportunity to visit Mosser Glass in Cambridge, Ohio. We'd already seen the factory on Made in America on the Travel Channel, but there's nothing like a personal visit.

It really was like being a kid in a candy store. Only you can handle the goods if you're careful!

We arrived in the afternoon, and had plenty of time, with the shop to ourselves. The wholesale catalog shows many items, but not everything. And we were treated to some new items, like this spooner in the Bermuda Blue color.

Watching them make the glass is a treat, too. They were doing the Georgian pattern pitchers in cobalt blue that afternoon.

Each piece starts with a glowing blob of hot glass on the end of a metal pole. It’s pulled out of a furnace and put into a metal mold. We saw these pitchers being made by a group of men who are working in concert, but it’s not that obvious at first. It’s a little more to it than the average assembly line. -- an artisan production concert.

After initial shaping, a worker puts the piece into another furnace, called the glory hole, to heat it again, so it can be worked some more. The spout is shaped by hand. Then the piece is broken off the pole, fire polished, and placed on a conveyor through a hot oven, so it can cool slowly. If this wasn't done, it would put stress on the glass and it could shatter. When the piece comes out of the oven, it is still warm to the touch.

We want to go again, so many beautiful pieces of this luscious glass to see... We have been impressed with this glass and how well it goes with vintage dinnerware!

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