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Mismatched cups and saucers in unique pairs

Mismatched cups and saucers in unique pairsI saw these cups with whimsical chickens on them and I liked them. Of course, the matching saucers were nowhere to be found. I had to have them for my collection of chicken dishes.

It took me some time, but I found a suitable pair of saucers to go with them.

The cups are in the Chicken Kiev pattern by Sakura. Based on the shapes and color palette, I estimate this pattern is from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s.

I really like the big chicken motifs, especially the hen.

The saucers I chose to go with the cups are in the Country Cupboard pattern by International, Bob Timberlake designed.

For my uses, I like these saucers better than the cups that were meant to go with them.

I believe the saucers are from the same general time period as the cups, and that’s part of why they work together. Generally popular shapes and sizes, by different manufacturers, following styles popular at the time.

And both patterns are drawn from what would have been less expensive casual dinnerware product lines.

The icing on the tableware cake: Two whimsical patterns that go with my chicken dinnerware collection. The motif pulls the pieces together.

I could see using this dinnerware as inspiration for an entire table setting, and to decorate some napkins or a table runner in the future – in cross stitch or patchwork.

Repurpose Mismatched Cups and Saucers

Unfortunately, most dinnerware cannot be recycled through standard means, such as those used for plastic and paper. Glass is generally the exception, depending on what kind it is.

Finding another use for old dinnerware in good condition is my favorite option. Dishes that are not chipped, cracked or crazed can be used for food. Pieces in bad condition can be used for decorative or craft products, but don’t eat off them.

Single cups and charming saucers without mates can be used in other ways. If you make candles, cups can be their containers. They can hold small flower arrangements. Or fill them with small bags of jelly beans, and insert a place card for a special party favor.

Saucers can go under pillar candles. They can also go in a shallow basket, to be the edging for a centerpiece.

That is, any you have left over after you play with making your own unique cup and saucer sets – starting with the orphan cups and saucers in your cupboard, or your yard sale and thrift store hunts.


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