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Mikasa Potters Art – classic vintage china

After visiting the cider mill (see last post) I went out and found a favorite dinnerware line, Mikasa Potters Art.

Mikasa Potters Art, Blue Honey

Thirty years ago, there was another "green" trend in the marketplace. One of the results was the Potters Art line by Mikasa. This is heavy dinnerware with a handmade look and feel. The dinnerplates, for example, are almost 11 inches in diameter, with rims that help keep the food, especially dishes with sauces or dressings, where want them... on the plate!

Ben Seibel, well-known mid-20th century designer, has his name on this ware. The shapes of pieces like sugar bowls and cups are distinctive, with lots of flair.

We like these plates for a dish that hits the spot when the weather turns colder. We call it chicken and noodles "Hoosier style," because it's homey and filling.

Just simmer some chicken legs in salted water for about an hour. Then take them out, filter the broth and return it to the pot. Use this to cook some noodles. Meanwhile, take the chicken off the bone and return it to the pot. Serve over mashed potatoes.

This is the kind of meal to have for lunch, then spend the afternoon splitting wood, raking leaves, or running the dogs half way across the county. Potters Art is a hearty line of dinnerware, to enjoy on a casual, rustic or Adirondack table setting.

Mikasa Potters Art, Sahara

Mikasa Potters Art, Sahara

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10 comments to Mikasa Potters Art – classic vintage china

  • Linda Grubbs

    I have a set of 1970’s Mikasa Mexicana by Ben Seibel … pattern Parrot Green 695 Japan. A beautiful bright green & white with large blue/green flowers. I am having a hard time finding any information with which to value the set. It is for 8 with the serving pieces etc. Where would you suggest I try to sell it?

  • Kimbesa

    That sounds fabulous! Blue and green are popular, as well as bird motifs.

    You might look at eBay, or Craigslist if you’re not prepared to ship.

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  • k williams

    I have some Parrot Green too. Can’t find anything about them online. Would like to add to my set.thanks.

  • Kimbesa

    I looked around and could not find anything close to a Mikasa Potter’s Art pattern called Parrot Green.

    In your search, try Mexicana and you might find some, or even connect with Linda (prior comment) if she still wants to sell hers.

  • k williams

    Linda, Are you wanting to sell your set? Can u send pics?

  • Sandy Jamison

    question about the Mikasa Potters covered casserole. Can’t find anything on it if I can cook with it on the stove. Curious. Love the modern pattern…at least I’ll have one piece. Now looking for more.

    • Kimbesa

      Hello Sandy!

      Mikasa Potters Art china can go in the oven, and microwave, but is NOT suitable for use on the stove top.

      I see this product line from time to time in my travels, and it is out there. Happy hunting!

  • Ricki

    I have a complete set, except for a couple salad plates, of Mikasa Pottery Art PF003, brown with blue on very top. Would like to either find more salad plates or maybe sell set as it. Cannot find salad plate replacements anywhere and I only have 3.

    • kimbesa

      You are so fortunate to have as big a set as you do! If you keep looking, those missing plates are out there. Or perhaps another pattern from the Potter’s Art line could fill in the blanks until you can get the right ones.

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