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Mikasa Mediterrania Retro Classic

Mikasa Desert Flower dinnerware

Dinnerware that shouts Retro: china in the Mediterrania product line by Mikasa qualifies. Perhaps it even sets the standard.

This salad plate in the Desert Flower pattern is a cheerful yellow, and bold. If you’re a fan of 1970s style, or mixing it up with a bohemian flair, this dinnerware is worth seeking out in vintage marketplaces and secondhand stores.

The product line includes patterns in white and a color, including black, avocado green, espresso brown, blue, gold, pink and burnt orange. There are also patterns such as Blue Bird, Petals, Capri, Dominique, Rick Rack, Tiny Bubbles and Genie.

With so many choices, pieces are pretty easy to find, and the larger pieces are marked.

Mikasa Mediterrania

The solid colors mix and match with the patterns, so there is lots of room to customize your own collection. You can also mix them with Mikasa’s Cerastone dinnerware products. The colors and styles are complementary.

(Check out a Mikasa mix and match story in a previous post here.)

However, if you want to use this vintage dinnerware to serve food, take a close look at the condition. The most common flaws I see with Mediterrania pieces are nicks on the edges. This ware is more resilient than many older wares. But it is not as tough when it comes to everyday use as some other product lines.

That said, how can you resist these classy retro designs, when you love vintage dinnerware!

The Mikasa Desert Flower plate is shown here with some tasty Dream Bars, another vintage favorite.

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2 comments to Mikasa Mediterrania Retro Classic

  • Michelle Motto

    I have a serving platter Mikasa..Mediterran..Gibralter.
    I am not sure what to sell it for…do you know how much it is worth?

    • kimbesa

      Hello, Michelle!

      If you look at your piece as others have listed on secondary marketplaces, like Replacements dot com, eBay or Etsy, you can get an idea of what they think. You may also want to search online to find some Mikasa collector groups on sites like Facebook.

      I hope you do well with it!

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