McRib Meets Vintage Corelle

McRib sandwich vintage Corelle plate Meadow

McRib sandwich vintage Corelle plate MeadowI like to use my vintage Corelle, and the right time is anytime. Bringing home my first McRib sandwich. Enjoy sandwich and dinnerware at the same time.

I’ve written about using my vintage Corelle plate in the Meadow pattern before. Today, it was for a cult classic, the McDonald’s McRib sandwich. I’d never had one before.

There’s a lot of buzz right now about this barbeque pork sandwich. McDonald’s locations don’t have it available all the time (except in Germany). Yet it has lots of fans. Enough that there’s even a website devoted to finding it, when the various franchisees choose to make it, at McRib Locator.

My Corelle plate is in a handy spot in the cupboard, ready for use. Easy enough to serve a fast food snack, instead of trying to eat it from a wrapper.

And this sandwich is a bit messy, as you would expect from anything that has a good amount of sauce on it.

Would I have another one? Yes. I’ve been an Arby-Q fan, which has a tangier sauce. But I like barbeque, even in the fast food world. I would not have thought to put onions and pickle on a sandwich like this, which gives the McRib some extra zing.

Once in a while, fast food is handy when you're out and about.

Vintage Corelle is durable and pretty, and that makes it continually popular, too, like the McRib. Only Corelle is always available. Especially your vintage collection, ready to use, right in your kitchen cupboard.


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