Light Color Vintage Dinnerware for Fall Table Setting

Vintage china pale patterns

Vintage china pale patterns

What if your fall tableware color scheme calls for light colors, instead of bold ones? Your lovely pale theme can work just as well for fall, using vintage dinnerware in light colors.

Soft and delicate dinnerware colors will keep your table setting clean and crisp. Monochromatic color schemes built around white, off-white and gray convey elegance and a graceful style.

These styles are also flexible. You can keep it light overall, or let one bright color, perhaps in a centerpiece, set off your table setting with a bit of drama.

Tips to keeping your fall table setting light

  • Let on plain white dinnerware, or vintage styles with small or subtle motifs, on white backgrounds, predominate
  • Incorporate subtle accent colors like yellow and gold bring the hint of fall. You can add to these tones with glassware, flatware, or details in the linens and centerpieces as you wish
  • Use motifs like speak autumn, such as leaves or fall-blooming flowers, to further suggest the seasonal theme

Vintage leaf motif china

I selected a few vintage china patterns that can help pull off a fall dinnerware, light color scheme. All of these patterns were made in Japan.

The plates in the upper photo are examples from these patterns:

  • Winchester by Diamond China: Floral motif, white on white with accents in yellow gold and gray. Gold rims and verge lines
  • Andover by Carlton (Sango): A similar floral motif, again with white flowers, gray and yellow gold in the details. This one has platinum rims and verge lines

The piece types in the second photo reflect these patterns:

  • Windsor by Style House: Understated leaves in pink and gray, on white. Platinum rims
  • Silver Maple by Mikasa: Pale maple leaves, gray and white on white. Platinum rims

Light color vintage dinnerware can be the canvas for a wide range of a mix and match table setting using a fall theme. The variety is limited only by your imagination, and the design you’re looking for while you “paint with dishes” in your tableware choices.

About the photo: Large plate in the Winchester pattern, small plate in Andover. Creamer in the Windsor pattern, plate in the Silver Maple pattern.


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