Kitchen canister as cookie jar – repurpose me

Canisters double as cookie jars

Canisters double as cookie jars

Don't get me wrong. I love cookie jars. I've had my share over the years, including the blue Cookie Monster. At home we had one of those 1950s crockery jars with A B C on it, and grandma had the classic Little Red Riding Hood cookie jar.

Never used any of them day-to-day.

I love to use my vintage dishes, but don't want to risk little hands in a hurry and how they could chip my valuable cookie jars. No worries. Kitchen canisters can take over the job.

Canister as cookie jar

  • They come in various sizes, so you can use a flour canister for larger cookies, and a coffee or tea size for smaller ones.
  • You can select the colors, shape and materials to harmonize with your kitchen décor. The universe of canisters has no limits. Many are stoneware or ceramic, but they are also available in metal and plastic.
  • Use the set if you like. Chocolate chip could go in one cookie jar, Mexican wedding cakes in another, and peanut butter in a third. You get the idea.
  • If chickens is the theme for your kitchen, there is a canister for you. Or Pooh. Or apples. Pretty much any motif you like.

Some jars have a plastic seal between top and bottom, others do not. If you feel you need something to preserve freshness, you can choose a canister with this feature. Or, make a rolled tube of plastic wrap to place around the top of the jar, where the lid seats (like a rubber gasket). Another way would be to put a large, zip top bag inside the jar, and seal the cookies inside.

As for the cookies, once your cookie eaters, big and small, know where the goodies are, they won't need a jar labeled Cookies to find their treats. Guaranteed, they won't last long!

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