How Much is Vintage Dinnerware Worth?

Vintage dinnerware Franciscan Maytime

I get this question a lot: What is the value of a certain pattern of vintage china.

The short answer is the same as for other antiques and collectibles: whatever someone will pay you for it.

Vintage dinnerware Franciscan Maytime

There are places to research the prices others have used when listing these dishes for sale. Sites like Replacements, eBay, Etsy, TIAS and others are all available to get an idea.

Whether the dinnerware will sell for those prices, however, is an open question.

That depends on demand for those particular patterns and styles, a subjective element.

  • Was the pattern or shape created by a well-known designer, or fit into a popular style niche, such as Mid-Century Modern?
  • Do people want to use this dinnerware for sentimental reasons, because it was mom’s or grandma’s pattern, and they’re collecting or adding to a set for similar motives?
  • Or do they consider it made to a different, better standard than currently-available dinnerware, as they may attach to pre-1990 Pfaltzgraff or older Pyrex pieces?

I’m sure there are other factors that buyers have in mind when they’re seeking vintage dinnerware.

What To Do

If you have some vintage china that you’re interested in selling, those same websites are possibilities, as well as avenues you probably have available in the location where you live. Some private thrift stores sell on consignment, for example.

In my world, I like to use my vintage dinnerware. There’s a story that goes with almost every piece, to savor along with the food that I’m serving when I use it.

Whatever you decide, I hope you will enjoy your vintage dinnerware. Thanks for asking!


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