Grab a Snack in Vintage Style

Corningware snack bowl and plate

Corningware snack bowl and plate

Having an old-fashioned grilled cheese sandwich, or that favorite chicken noodle soup?

Summer or winter, these foods are simple and easy, snacks you may remember from childhood.

And if you are in a certain age bracket, you might remember the Grab It bowl or Snack It plate shown here.

Velveeta cheese or Campbell’s soup: Do they taste better when you serve them on vintage dishes?

Corningware dishes like these remain popular after many years, though they are discontinued. If you’re a garage sale or thrift store shopper, you will find these pieces in the secondary marketplaces.

This bowl and plate, each with a short handle, are handy for serving any soup or sandwich snack. Most of them are microwave safe, but check the markings on the piece when shopping, if that’s important to you.

If you’re shopping online, search terms like Grab It for the bowls and Snack It for the plates. The bowls were made in Corning white and the almond beige color. They were also made in glass, part of the Visions line of glass cookware, in colors like amber and cranberry, as well as clear Pyrex.

Many brands of soup are available to simply heat and eat. Many of the varieties call for added water. (See the soup container for specific instructions.) I consider this more of a suggestion than a rule, and often add less water. Or in the cast of tomato soup, we always used milk instead of water.

Velveeta cheese was our grilled cheese sandwich, back in the day. I find a cheese slicer handy to get even slices to my desired thickness (about 3/8 inch), because the cheese is a bit sticky.

To make the grilled cheese sandwich, I just butter both sides of some good wheat bread, and grill evenly on both sides. Watch out for burning! If the cheese is not melted, about 10 seconds in the microwave will help, without causing the toasted bread to lose its crispy crust.

The memories that go with the food can bring back those simpler times. Serving dishes can make for an extra special treat, and perhaps a new family tradition.

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